Ixia ALM1000T8 Application Module


Ixia ALM1000T8 Application Module

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Ixia’s Application Load Module ALM1000T8 is an ultra-high density computing platform for executing application and network testing. Optimized for stateful, Layer 4-7 transactions, the ALM enables high performance and high capacity verification of networks and intelligent network devices/systems.

The ALM provides 8 RISC processors in an extremely dense form factor. Up to 16 modules (128 processors) are supported in a single Ixia chassis. Each processor operates independently with its own operating system, memory, and network interface. This dedicated architecture provides unprecedented density, performance, and flexibility for testing networks, web sites, VPNs, and other content aware devices via Ixia’s suite of test applications. An ALM-based system provides significant space, scalability, and repeatability advantages compared with standalone workstations for network and application testing.

    • 8 port Load Module
    • Processor/Memory (per port): 1856 MIPS PowerPC with1 GB RAM
    • Operating System: Linux kernel version 2.6.7 or greater
    • Network Interfaces: 8 x 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet copper, auto-negotiating
    • Network Connector Type: RJ-45
    • Network Cabling: Category 5 UTP

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