Spirent TestCenter SPT-3U Chassis


Spirent TestCenter SPT-3U Chassis

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  • Modules sold separately : MX-100G-F2, EDM-2003B, EDM-1003B, FX-10G-C8, MX-10G-S2, CM-1G-D4

The SPT-3U chassis is the next generation in mobile chassis architecture, designed to handle tomorrow’s most complex multiprotocol scale and cloud virtualization testing needs. The SPT-3U chassis supports all Spirent HyperMetrics modules up to 100 Gbps. With ultra high-scale, green low-power per port, intelligent fan control, and full support for IPv4 and IPv6 control, the SPT-3U chassis provides the foundation for the highest performance mobile test system available today.

Because there is no central operating system or slow software proxy server bottleneck, the SPT-3U switched-Ethernet backplane design optimizes efficiency and performance when configuring tests and gathering results across multiple users or automation processes. This architecture approach yields the fastest time to test and eliminates concern with managing a virus prone operating system in the chassis. The SPT-3U innovative Android™ based touch screen allows easy chassis status monitoring and configuration.

  • Mobile chassis solution for Spirent HyperMetrics neXt test modules
  • Fully backward compatible with current and older generation cards
  • Portable high-density 10G and 40/100G Ethernet
  • Stratum-3 clock solution for ultra-precise PTP Grandmaster Clock emulation (Upgrade Stratum-1 with GPS Option)
  • Full support for Routing Topology emulation and full Layer 2-7 Traffic
  • Multi-user capability
  • 3U height with 2 available module slots
  • Client software available for download from the chassis via web browser
  • Enhanced reliability with an Ethernet hardware-switched backplane and no central proxy server or operating system point of failure
  • Synchronize 255 chassis in a single test with dynamic automatic sync cable calibration
  • Intelligent fan control—cools based on environment and module load
  • IPv4, IPv6, DHCPv4 and DHCPv6 chassis addressable
  • 19” rack mountable
  • Easily removable hard drive for security
  • Foundation for a portable high density 10G and 40/100G Ethernet test solution
  • Fully compatible with all HyperMetrics neXt and previous generation modules
  • Supports hot-swap of test modules
  • Best-in-class timing precision with internal Stratum-3 clock solution for ultra-precise PTP grandmaster clock emulation (upgradeable to Stratum-1 with GPS Option)
  • GPS option for high precision latency testing across wide geographies. Also supports CDMA TIA/EIA-95B, BITS, and NTP timing sources.

The HyperMetrics 4- and 12-port Gigabit Ethernet test modules combine Spirent TestCenter’s network emulation and traffic generation with line rate Avalanche application traffic to deliver the highest performance Layer 2-7 test solution available on a single module.

The modules support line rate Layer 2-3 test traffic and Layer 4-7 traffic over 10/100/1000 Mbps Copper or Gigabit Ethernet SFP interfaces. They are ideal for functional, performance and conformance testing of service provider and enterprise networks of all sizes and stages of deployment.

  • Triple Play: Testing and service validation from the user’s point of view (quality of experience) using realistic voice calling, unicast and multicast streaming videos as well as Internet traffic
  • Device Benchmarking: Test using IETF RFC 2544, RFC 2889 and RFC 3918 methodologies with easy test setup using dynamically bound traffic and automated wizards
  • Carrier Ethernet: Verify services whether delivered via VPLS, Layer 2 Pseudowires, bridged Ethernet, packet transport protocols or combinations of these technologies
  • Service Provider Routers: Verify Layer 3, multicast and video services delivered via BGP/MPLS VPN, multicast routing or mVPN
  • Subscriber Emulation: Emulate thousands of access subscribers using different services across multiple ports under normal or exceptional traffic conditions
  • Advanced Layer 4-7 user emulation: Perform line rate web, media and security testing for concise content delivery
  • Complete Layer 2-7 testing: Validate access networks, routers, switches and mobile backhaul

Traditional test module design fixes CPU resources to specific ports. These 1-dimenstional architectures necessitate three hardware designs to achieve the usage goals of high port scalability, virtual network emulation and high-capacity application traffic. HyperMetrics’ architecture relegates these design limitations to the past.

NOTE:  No software of any kind (external or internal) is provided with the Hardware. Please contact Spirent to obtain software license rights and maintenance support

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