Ixia Optixia LSM10GXM2S-01 10GE 2-PORT Module

Ixia Optixia LSM10GXM2S-01 10GE 2-PORT Module

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This item is Ixia Optixia LSM10GXM2S-01 10GE 2-PORT Module

Ixia 10 Gigabit Ethernet LSM10GXM 10GE 2-PORT Module test load modules delivers an industry-leading, high-density, affordable layer 2 through 7, 10 Gigabit Ethernet IP test solution. The NGY family supports both low port count layer 2/3 applications with limited project budgets and highest density test lab, QA, and system test applications. NGY is perfect for both converged data center infrastructure testing and 10GbE switch test beds. NGY load modules leverage Ixia’s converged data center test applications to offer the high port scalability, virtual scalability, protocol coverage, with an affordable test solution for data communications testing.

The architectural breakthrough of Ixia’s LSM10GXM 10GE 2-PORT Module test load module 10GE 2-PORT Module (10GE) NGY load modules delivers an industry leading, high-density, and affordable Layer 2-7, 10GE IP test solution. Under Ixia’s Fusion program, FUSION enabled NGY load modules are capable running IxN2X TM applications as well as IxNetwork TM, IxLoad TM, and other Ixia applications.
This unprecedented cross-platform compatibility provides an extraordinary value proposition to existing IxN2X TM users in supporting both Ixia applications and the IxN2X application on a high density platform. Also, it allows the user-base presently employing IxN2X and Ixia chassis platforms to leverage their hardware across both. In conjunction with IxNetwork, IxLoad, and other Ixia applications, IxN2X provides support for a wide breadth of protocols and application testing.

  • 96 ports per Ixia 12-slot rackmount chassis
  • High-scale and performance L23 protocol emulation
  • Tracks and analyzes up to 1 million flows per port
  • Comprehensive layer 2-7 testing
  • Sophisticated multi-protocol encapsulation and label stacking
  • IxNetwork, IxLoad and IxExplorer application and automation support

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