Agilent 1733A 4 Ports 4 Gb/s Fibre Channel Test Module


Agilent 1733A 4 Ports 4 Gb/s Fibre Channel Test Module

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The Agilent 1733A test module includes 4 independent, user configurable Fibre Channel ports, running at 2 or 4 Gb/s. Each port can be independently set up and operated, and provides simultaneous line speed traffic generation and real-time continuous measurement capabilities. Live measurements can be made while test is running, helping you see in real time the operation of your DUT.

  • Expandable, modular, multi-port, multi-user architecture with high port density
  • Multilayer user-definable traffic generation and analysis at full wire speed
  • Simultaneous data plane and fabric services test
  • Configurable test port behavior to emulate various HBAs
  • Device Virtualization capabilities help simulate a large scale SAN of 2000 devices within a 2U rack
  • Port State machine control
  • Error injection
  • Real time performance measurement, including throughput, latency, lost frames, BB credit
  • Real time link error measurements, including loss-of-sync and disparity errors
  • Name server Test
  • State change notification latency test
  • Failover recovery
  • Test customization and automation through standard TCL scripting language

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