Agilent 1735A LAN Protocal Fibre Channel Test Module 4Gb/s


Agilent 1735A LAN Protocal Fibre Channel Test Module 4Gb/s

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The Agilent 1735A is a multi-application test module for 1,2 and 4Gb/s Fibre Channel. It combines Fibre Channel protocol analysis, traffic generation and performance test on 2 independent pairs of Fibre Channel ports. Downloading the appropriate features on the modules prior to the test makes it possible to reuse the same hardware for different test scenarios.

Configured as a protocol analyzer, the Agilent 1735A module includes two independent full-duplex analysis subsystems, each one able to capture relevant information on a deep trace buffer through an intuitive high-level multilevel, multibranch triggering and filtering sequencer. Time correlation is provided between all of the analyzers, enabling multiport, system-level measurement.

The Agilent 1735A module, configured as an active tester with the SAN Tester application, enables Fibre Channel traffic generation on 2 independent ports at wire speeds of 1 Gb/s to 4 Gb/s, with allowances for any combination of data, error, link, fabric control and fabric services test. The new module can be used simultaneously with the existing Agilent 1730B and 1733A modules in the universal multi-user, multiprotocol, scalable N2X chassis, protecting existing investments. Each port can be independently set up and operated, and provides simultaneous line speed traffic generation and real-time continuous measurement capabilities. Live measurements can be made while test is running, helping you see in real time the operation of your DUT.

  • Expandable, modular, multi-port, multi-user architecture with high port density
  • Test customization and automation through standard TCL scripting language
  • Multi level, multibranch triggering and filtering sequencer
  • Deep 1 Gbyte Capture Trace per analysis subsystem
  • Hierarchical trace display of trace content
  • Hardware accelerated search in trace content
  • Multilayer user-definable traffic generation and analysis at full wire speed
  • Simultaneous data plane and fabric services test
  • Configurable test port behavior to mimic various HBAs
  • Device Virtualization capabilities help simulate a large scale SAN of 2000 devices within a 2U rack
  • Port State machine control
  • Error injection
  • Real time performance measurement, including throughput, latency, lost frames, BB credit
  • Real time link error measurements, including loss-of-sync and disparity errors
  • Name server Test
  • State change notification latency test
  • Failover recovery

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