Spirent Adtech 403102 POS OC-192c Interface Card with AX403100


Spirent Adtech 403102 POS OC-192c w/ 403102

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Spirent Adtech 403102 POS OC-192c Interface Card with the following:

Spirent Adtech 403102 POS OC-192c Interface Card and Spirent Adtech AX403100 AX/4000 is completely modular and designed for maximum flexibility and scalability.

It is a multi-port system that can currently test four different transmission technologies (IP, ATM, Ethernet, and Frame Relay) simultaneously at speeds up to 2.488 Gbps.

The AX/4000 also supports multiple users and multiple control options including Windows, UNIX, and any C or Tcl compatible platform. You can even create a virtual AX/4000 system spanning the globe by linking multiple AX/4000 systems in different cities and operating them as a single cohesive unit.

  • Broadband Access
  • Core Network
  • IPv6 Testing
  • Metro Area Network
  • Optical
  • Routing (Performance & Conformance)
  • 3G Wireless


  • Performance Analyzer & Protocol Analyzer
  • AX/4000 Broadband Test System Products
  • AX/4000 Broadband Test System

NOTE: No software of any kind (external or internal) is provided with the Hardware. Please contact Spirent to obtain software license rights and maintenance support.

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