Aeroflex 7100 LTE Network Emulation 6 GHz Digital Radio Test Set


Aeroflex 7100 LTE Network Emulation 6 GHz Digital Radio Test Set

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Aeroflex 7100 LTE Network Emulation 6 GHz Digital Radio Test Set with the following:

  • Firmware Number 656
  • Software Version 7xxx Instrument Software v20.1.0.0
  • Options installed
    • 1 2 x Cell
    • 100 (Baseband) LTE TDD Mode
    • 101 (Baseband)Fading and AWGN
    • 102 2×2 MIMO and Measurements
    • 150 (VAG) LTE FDD UL Analysis/Generation
    • 151 (VAG) LTE FDD DL Analysis/Generation
    • 155 (VAG) LTE FDD UL Analysis/Generation
    • 400 (Baseband) RF Test Case
    • 500 (Baseband) Development Mode
    • 501 Call Box Mode Software
    • 901 Protocol System
    • 902 Development system


High performance LTE network emulator used for testing the RF, baseband and protocol layers of wireless devices supporting multiple Radio Access Technologies.

The Aeroflex 7100 Digital Radio Test Set provides all the tools required during the design, development and test stages of UE chipsets and terminals meeting 3GPP Rel-8 and Rel-9 standards.

The 7100 Digital Radio Test Set is used by RF developers, protocol stack teams, integration test groups and pre-conformance labs that are developing sub-systems and integrated designs that meet the requirements of the LTE standards. These teams benefit from the ease of use, comprehensive test capability, speed and low cost of ownership offered by the 7100.

The 7100 also supports a Service Test Mode customized for the service market, allowing field-returned devices to be rapidly screened prior to return to vendor or return to the end user. In Service Test Mode the 7100 is used with Lector software.

  • LTE FDD and TDD signaling network emulation
  • Protocol Development, Call Box and Service modes of operation
  • 6 GHz frequency range, covering all LTE spectrum allocations and bandwidths
  • Protocol logging and analysis
  • Multi-cell and Inter-RAT handover support
  • Multi-RAT testing: LTE, eHRPD, 1xRTT, GERAN, HSPA and TD-SCDMA
  • Functional testing
  • End-to-end IP packet data test
  • Integrated Fading/AWGN option
  • MIMO 2×2 and 4×2, Open Loop, Closed Loop and Transmit Diversity

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