Agilent 66311D Mobile Communications DC Source


Agilent 66311D Mobile Communications DC Source w/ DVM, 15V, 3A

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Agilent 66311D Mobile Communications DC Source provides high throughput, exceptional sourcing, and precision measurement.

Agilent 66311D Mobile Communications DC Source is specially designed for testing digital wireless communications products. The 66311D offers a new capability to automatically detect open sense connections. The 66311D mobile communications DC source offers all the same features as the 66311B with the addition of a built in digital voltmeter with input terminals located on the rear panel. This provides limited, low voltage dc and ac measurement capability, which can be used to monitor test point voltages on the unit under test as well as on the test fixture. The common mode voltage range is from −4.5 Vdc to +25 Vdc relative to the minus terminal of output 1. The DVM is programmable from the front panel of the instrument as well as remotely using SCPI programming commands.

  • Voltage and current control with 12-bit programming resolution on output 1, and 3 ampere current source capability (up to 5 amperes for 7 milliseconds)
  • Extensive measurement capability on output 1
    • dc voltage and current
    • rms and peak voltage and current
    • Current measurement capability up to approximately 7.0 amperes
    • 16-bit measurement resolution
    • Triggered acquisition of digitized current and voltage waveforms
  • Output ratings: 0 – 15 V, 0 – 3 A, 5 Apeak
  • Ripple and noise: 1 mVrms, 6 mVp-p, 2 mArms
  • Load regulation: 2 mV, 0.75 mA
  • Line regulation: 0.5 mV, 0.75 mA
  • Transient response time:
  • Sink current: -2 A at 7.5 V
  • Drift: 0.01% + 1 mV, 0.01% + 30 µA
  • Output voltage rise/fall time:
  • Measurement time: 50 ms average
  • Command processing time: 4 ms average
  • Front panel control with 14-character vacuum fluorescent display, keypad, and rotary control for voltage and current settings
  • Built-in GPIB interface programming with SCPI command language
  • Non-volatile state storage and recall with SCPI command language
  • Over-voltage, over-current, over-temperature, and RI/DFI protection features
  • Extensive selftest, status reporting, and software calibration
  • DVM
    • DC readback accuracy: 0.04% + 5 mV
    • Common mode voltage range: -4.5 Vpeak to +25 Vpeak
    • Maximum DC differential voltage: ±25 Vpeak
    • Maximum AC differential voltage: 10 Vrms
    • Maximum continuous input capability without damage: 50 V
    • Input resistance: 20 MΩ
    • Input capacitance:
    • DC common mode rejection ratio: >83 dB

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