Azimuth ACE MX 120-240VAC 50-60Hz MIMO Channel Emulator


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Azimuth ACE MX 120-240VAC 50-60Hz MIMO Channel Emulator is a state-of-the-art channel emulator, purpose-built to support MIMO transmissions and architected to meet the demanding RF needs of OFDM based systems.

Azimuth ACE MX 120-240VAC 50-60Hz MIMO Channel Emulator product line combines industry-leading channel emulation capabilities in a comprehensive design to deliver a range of configurations for MIMO and/or SISO system testing, with uni- and bi-directional configurations.

Azimuth ACE MX 120-240VAC 50-60Hz MIMO Channel Emulator uses advanced signal processing technology to perform real-time lab emulation of a multipath fading environment as well as supporting real-time data streaming to playback field recorded conditions.

The ACE MX scales from testing single channel SISO devices up to MIMO 2×2, 4×4 or even up to 8×4 devices. The 120-240VAC 50-60Hz MIMO Channel Emulator is also optimized to support bi-directional channel modeling that can accurately emulate real world wireless overthe-air conditions in both the downlink and uplink paths simultaneously in a single enclosure.

Built with ease-of-use in mind, the 120-240VAC 50-60Hz MIMO Channel Emulator is a complete test solution with all the required RF components included internally, thus eliminating the need for external hardware to connect and configure complex test topologies.

This simple RF-in/RF-out design, combined with an intuitive graphical user interface, makes set up, configuration and test execution quick and easy.
Designed to support 2G/3G, LTE, WiMAX and 802.16m next generation broadband wireless technologies, the channel modeling features of the ACE MX enable industry standard channel models or custom designed models to be loaded and run on the realtime dynamic digital signal processing engine.
The ACE MX is designed for automated test together with the Azimuth DIRECTOR II Test Executive. DIRECTOR II provides a comprehensive GUI to configure and control the channel emulator’s parameters as well as offering full script control through a TCL API for automation or remote control.
The ACE MX is the most scalable solution available. Its modular hardware and flexible software design enable single and multilink MIMO configurations, support for TDD or FDD transmissions. and Uni or Bi-directional fading requirements. The ACE MX is ideally suited to support point to multipoint configurations for testing the performance of features like handoff,
interference, multicast/broadcast or collaborative links.

The Azimuth ACE MX 120-240VAC delivers:

  • Rapid Set-up and Automation
  • Unparalleled Ease-of-Use
  • Unmatched RF Performance and Fidelity
  • Superior Scalability and Flexibility
  • Outstanding Value

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