NetApp NetCache C1200 Proxy Server with (3) 72GB Drives


NetApp NetCache C1200 Proxy Server with (3) 72GB Drives

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NetApp NetCache C1200 Proxy Server is designed for remote and branch offices and service providers’ POPs offering a space-sensitive design, reliability, and modular configurations at an attractive price point.
The NetCache C1200 series reduce network latency to enhance productivity and the overall Web experience for e-commerce customers, intranet users, and external suppliers and partners. NetCache appliances also enable the delivery of value-added services such as ad insertion, geographic user identification, filtering, and virus scanning at the edge of the network.

  • Scaleable caching storage from 18GB to multiple terabytes
  • Simultaneous delivery of streaming, HTTP, NNTP news groups, FTP, Java
    applets, etc
  • RealNetworks RealSystem, Microsoft Windows Media, and Apple QuickTime
    streaming media support
  • Supports 30Mbps + for HTTP
  • Supports 500Mbps + for streaming applications

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Weight30 lbs
Dimensions30 × 20 × 10 in

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