NetApp NetCache C3300 6 X 72GB X272 10K FC


NetApp NetCache C3300 Proxy Server without Drives

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NetApp NetCache C3300 System with the following:

  • One NetCache C3300
  • ONE Intel Xeon 2.4Ghz memory 2GB RAM
  • 6 X 72GB 10K X272 FC
  • Two power supplies.

NetApp NetCache C3300 series offers the reliability and availability of the NetCache C2300 series, but with greater performance and higher storage capacity. Large content libraries, up to 2TB in size, can be reliably stored and protected with RAID support.

  • Scaleable caching storage up to 2TB
  • Simultaneous delivery of streaming, HTTP, NNTP news groups, FTP, Java applets, etc
  • RealNetworks RealSystem, Microsoft Windows Media, and Apple QuickTime streaming media support
  • Supports 145Mbps + for HTTP
  • Supports 2000Mbps + for streaming applications

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