EMC Clariion CX300 Storage Processor


EMC Clariion CX300 Storage Processor

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EMC Clariion CX300 Storage Processor is the entry-level enterprise storage array supporting 2Gbps Fibre Channel host and drive interfaces.  It is capable of operating as direct attach storage (DAS) or in a Storage Area Network (SAN). It is a cost effective solution for customers requiring robust, enterprise storage consolidation capabilities optimized for departmental and remote branch applications.

EMC Clariion CX300 Storage Processor offers easy management for file/print, e-mail, small database, and web services applications.  The array supports up to 64 HA hosts. Flexible and easy to deploy, the EMC CX300 delivers the same modularity and web based management as the UltraScale Dell/EMC CX3 arrays.

EMC CX300 also supports the DAE2-ATA and the UltraPoint DAE2P which allow customers to mix low-cost SATA and high-performance Fibre Channel drives in the same system to create an optimal blend of performance and capacity tailored to their unique application requirements.  EMC CX300 array supports up to 60 hard drives for a total capacity of up to 38TB.

EMC PowerPath for Data Path Management

  • EMC Clariion CX300 Storage Processor also includes EMC PowerPath software, which provides application continuity in the event of an I/O channel failure. PowerPath offers multi-path access between the array and attached servers and storage, automatically shifting the I/O load to surviving paths if one or more fails and resumes use of failed paths upon their repair. PowerPath also dynamically balances the I/O load over all channels, which can enable more work to be done in less time.

Streamlined SAN Deployment and Management Experience

  • To further streamline SAN deployment, Dell ships PowerEdge servers from the factory built-to-order with SAN components pre-installed. Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapters (HBAs) enable direct connectivity to a storage array or SAN fabric via a Fibre Channel switch. EMC Navisphere Manager Server Utility and PowerPath can be pre-loaded on servers to help reduce software installation and SAN configuration time. To help reduce the complexity of managing a SAN, Dell offers simple systems management tools with robust capabilities such as Dell IT Assistant and EMC Navisphere. Moreover, core business applications, such as Oracle, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL, are tested and validated on Dell enterprise systems to form a stable and supported infrastructure for your most critical information


  • CX300 Storage Processor Storage capacity
    • Up to 18TB raw storage capacity with Fibre Channel drives
    • Up to 38TB with high capacity SATA drives
  • CX300 Storage Processor Scalability
    • Up to 3 disk array enclosures (DAE2P and DAE2-ATA; The DPE supports up to 15 Fibre Channel drives.
    • Each DAE holds 15 drives.); Up to 60 drives in the storage array
  • CX300 Storage Processor Cache: 2GB
  • CX300 Storage Processor RAID levels: RAID 0, 1, 1/0, 3, 5 and 6
  • CX300 Storage Processor Supported servers: All dual and quad socket Dell PowerEdge servers; Variety of Compaq, HP, IBM and SUN servers as validated by EMC
  • CX300 Storage Processor OS support: Microsoft Windows 2000 Server, Windows Server 2003, Linux, Solaris, VMware, AIX, HP-UX
  • CX300 Storage Processor Number of supported hosts: Up to 4 direct attached HA (redundantly connected) servers; Up to 64 HA SAN connected servers
  • CX300 Storage Processor Front end connectivity: Four 2Gb Fibre Channel ports per array (two per Storage Processor)
  • CX300 Storage Processor Drive interface: Dual, independent FC-AL interface ports on each drive; Failover from each storage processor to the fibre channel loop is possible
  • CX300 Storage Processor Drives available: Fibre drives
    • 73GB 15k RPM disk with 2Gb Fibre Channel interface
    • 146GB 10k RPM disk with 2Gb Fibre Channel interface
    • 146GB 15k RPM disk with 2Gb Fibre Channel interface
    • 300GB 10k RPM disk with 2Gb Fibre Channel interface
    • 300GB 15k RPM disk with 2Gb Fibre Channel interface
    • 500GB 7200 RPM SATA disk (in DAE2-ATA) 750GB 7200 RPM SATA disk (in DAE2-ATA)

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