Spirent Abacus ECG1 subsystem with Option installed


Spirent Abacus Abacus1 ECG1 subsystem


Spirent Abacus ECG1 subsystem with the following Option installed

  • Call Gen

The Spirent Abacus ECG1 subsystem is a component of the Abacus1 system, which is designed and manufactured by Spirent Communications to emulate analog telephones or PBXs. The ECG1
subsystem provides twenty-five circuits that emulate the subscriber side of an analog two-wire circuit.  Any of the channels on ECG1 can be configured to be an originating channel or a terminating channel (calling or called party). ECG1 executes a call sequence for each circuit.

  • Emulate analog telephones or PBXs
  • 25 two-wire circuits
  • Globally compliant with FCC, NET4, CTR21, JATE, and country specific PTT specifications
  • Programmable protocol state machine
  • 32-bit processor, DSPs, and flash memory to ensure full computing and upgrading capabilities
  • Programmable call progress tones
  • DTMF, MF R2, MF R2, pulse dialling
  • Detect caller ID
  • Detect metering pulses
  • Detect battery reversal and denial
  • Generate 14000 calls per hour per subsystem
  • Program test duration to be random or fixed from 1s to 5 years
  • Flexible call sequences
  • Verify that speech path is established and retained for duration of call
  • Results are automatically and continuously gathered and presented in tables and graphs
  • End-to-end testing with other interfaces on Abacus.

NOTE: No software of any kind (external or internal) is provided with the Hardware. Please contact Spirent to obtain software license rights and maintenance support.

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