Spirent TestCenter EDM-1003B 12 Port Dual Media 10/100/1000 Module

Spirent TestCenter EDM-1003B 12 Port Dual Media 10/100/1000 Module

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Spirent TestCenter EDM-1003B 12 Port Dual Media 10/100/1000 Module

Spirent TestCenter EDM-1003B 12 Port Dual Media 10/100/1000 Module offers a variety of test modules and a high-density chassis or a portable chassis for all Ethernet technology testing needs. EDM-1003B 12 Port Dual Media 10/100/1000 Module provides functional, performance, system and conformance test capability from Layer 2 through Layer 7 on a single test module.

The Series 1000 modules support up to 16,384 streams per port. These attributes make the Series 1000 test modules a cost effective solution for production test environments or in research and development environments where high scalability performance testing is not required.

There are Series 1000 and Series 2000 modules with copper only, fiber only or dual media interfaces. Gigabit Ethernet port density ranges from 2 ports with dual media interfaces to 144 ports in a single chassis. All Spirent TestCenter modules can test intelligent high-density enterprise switches and routers at an economical price.

The Spirent TestCenter platform has broad technology coverage. Each port can generate realistic traffic at different layers and analyze specific metrics for each layer. Spirent TestCenter modules can simultaneously correlate data plane tests with control plane traffic such as routing to provide the most realistic performance measurements.

Spirent TestCenter with Inspire Architecture provides a quantum leap in productivity over traditional test tools. The Series 1000 Gigabit Ethernet test modules suit customers seeking cost effective, high density Layer 2/Layer 3 scalability with routing and conformance test capabilities.

  • EDM-1003B 12 Ports 10/100/1000 Ethernet
  • Dual Media, Electrical and Optical SFP Interfaces
  • EDM-1003B For use with the TestCenter Mainframes
  • High port density modules with per-port group reservation, providing multi-user capability
  • Dual media test modules provide 10/100/1000 Mbps and Gigabit Ethernet fiber
  • Wire-rate and beyond wire-rate traffic generation and analysis at Layers 2 and 3
  • Compatible with all Spirent TestCenter software applications for comprehensive functional, conformance and performance testing in one system
  • Supports all core technologies required to test Enterprise L2/L3 switches, including QoS, IPv4/v6, multicast, routing, spanning tree, multiple spanning tree, VLAN and DHCP.
  • Simultaneously runs multiple protocols per port to emulate large routed networks.
  • Series 2000 GigE modules support testing of application level protocols such as HTTP, SSL, FTP, Telnet, DNS, IPv6, IPSec, Capture/Replay for L4-7, SIP, SMTP and POP3
  • Custom packet and frame editing is facilitated by a graphically driven field editor that allows the user to edit templates for a wide variety of preconfigured control and data plane packets
  • HyperFilters™ technology enables users to receive, track, inspect and accumulate statistics for up to five fields in each receive frame at wire rate for all speeds
  • Real time per stream statistics such as minimum, maximum and average latency per traffic class
  • Real time event log allows user to view actual protocol messaging on a per-port basis
  • Hardware is field-programmable. The module can be upgraded on-site in its chassis as new features and technologies become available.

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