Ixia Xcellon-Flex Combo FlexAP10/4016SQ 10/40GE Accelerated Performance Load Module


Ixia Xcellon-Flex Combo FlexAP10/4016SQ 10/40GE Accelerated Performance Load Module

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The Ixia Xcellon-Flex Combo FlexAP10/4016SQ 10/40GE Accelerated Performance Load Module is the first load module in the test industry to offer both 10GE SFP+ and 40GE QSFP+ ports in a single chassis slot. With 16-10GE ports and 4-40GE ports per module, it easily beats the competition in terms of port density and flexibility. Using aggregation technology to combine CPU power and memory, it provides ultra-high networking protocol scalability: up to 12 times the performance of its nearest competitor. Processor resources and memory can be aggregated dynamically across groups of 4-10GE ports, creating up to 4 super-ports per module with maximum protocol scalability.

Additionally, Xcellon-Flex FlexAP10/4016SQ is the only 40GE test product to offer layer 4-7 application support at high scale. Run in conjunction with Ixia’s test applications IxNetwork and IxLoad, Xcellon-Flex is best-in-class for high performance, layer 2-7 testing at 10/40GE speeds.

    • Compatible with XM2, XM12, and XG12 chassis
    • Industry’s highest density10GE and 40GE test solution: 16-10GE ports and 4-40GE ports per module
    • First 10GE and 40GE test solution to break the terabit barrier with a single chassis
    • Aggregation on 10GE is supported on multiple ports on a single load module
    • Industry’s highest scaling protocol emulation at 10GE and 40GE
    • Industry’s first 40GE test module with high-scaling L4-7 test capability
    • Data Center ready –data center bridging with LLDP/DCBX, FCoE, and priority-based flow control (PFC, IEEE802.1Qbb) protocol support
    • Flexible CPU and memory aggregation, both card level and per resource group techniques, for high-scale protocol emulation performance
  • Switches between 10GE or 40GE modes of operation as test plans demand
  • Support for the IxNetwork test application that provides:
    • Service modeling at Internet scale
    • Rapid isolation of service violations
    • TrueView convergence time measurement
    • Carrier-class scaling
    • Complete end-to-end test automation – provides complete graphic -based test automation capabilities that support conditional test execution, device interaction via telnet, and SYSLOG, and integrated statistics polling
    • Basic and advanced traffic wizards, with “Quick Flow Groups” that provide advanced traffic generation and analysis tools, making it easy to configure complex scenarios
    • Easy-to-use protocol wizards that quickly and precisely build complex network topologies
    • Dynamic traffic control per flow group, with the ability to change rate and frame size on the fly
    • Advanced measurements including four latency modes, delay variation (jitter), inter-arrival time, sequence checking, misdirected packets, packet loss duration, and Rx rates
    • Real-time statistics viewer with summary level, group level, and per-flow statistics, as well as sophisticated results filtering and sorting powered by Flow Detective
    • Multi-field ingress tracking to concurrently track flows based on QoS, source/destination address, MPLS labels, VLAN IDs, and many other common protocol fields
    • Egress tracking providing a unique ingress/egress results view that compares sent traffic with received traffic, so as to accurately verify DUT packet field modifications; QoS remarking is easily verified
    • IxNetwork statistics viewer, a powerful tool for viewing and analyzing real-time results and generating test reports
    • Automated QuickTests for industry-standard test methodologies, including RFC 2544 and many more
    • Easy one-click TCL, HLTAPI, or HLPAPI automation using ScriptGen, with complete API support – providing complete automation of IxNetwork functions
  • Support for the IxLoad application-layer test software:
    • Resource Group Aggregation for L4-7 protocols;

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