ILX FOM-7900B Laser Source Mainframe


ILX FOM-7900B Laser Source Mainframe

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ILX FOM-7900B Laser Source Mainframe is a high-performance fiber-optic test and development platform with eight channels supporting plug-in laser source and fiber optic switch modules.

ILX FOM-7900B Laser Source Mainframe system provides a cost-effective solution for WDM and CWDM test applications including EDFA, SOA, and fiber optic component characterization.

Front panel plug-in modules are offered at user-specified wavelengths from 1475-1625nm including service channels at 1310, 1480, 1510, and 1625nm. Each channel can be tuned over a 1.7nm range with 0.001nm resolution. These sources can be customized to meet special requirements including fiber optic connector type, PM alignment and fiber, and center wavelength on ITU grid points.

For higher density WDM system requirements, up to 25 additional FOM-7900B mainframes can be linked together for a total of 200 channels, all controlled from a single GPIB address.

  • 8 channels of user-selectable laser source modules
  • ±3pm wavelength stability with ±0.003dB power stability
  • Customer specified WDM DFB sources covering S, C, and L-bands at up to 20mW per channel
  • Internal synchronous modulation to 500kHz
  • Fiber optic switch modules available
  • GPIB/IEEE488 and RS-232 interfaces

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