Spirent SmartBits GX-1420B 1-pt Copper Gigabit Module


Spirent SmartBits GX-1420B 1-pt Copper Gigabit Module

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Spirent SmartBits GX-1420B 1-pt Copper Gigabit Module offers Full Duplex Gigabit and 100 Mbps Ethernet testing capabilities over copper wire.

The Spirent SmartBits GX-1420B 1-pt Copper Gigabit Module also supports IP checksum generation and analysis, ARPing, PINGing, and VLAN tagging.

1-pt Copper Gigabit Module is compliant with the 802.3ab specification. The single-port GX-1420B SmartCard supports wire-rate traffic generation, analysis, and capture. The physical interface is an RJ-45 interface that provides for connections of up to 100 meters, using CAT 5 cable.

The GX-1420B is ideally suited for large-scale performance analysis of switches and routers based on industry standard RFCs. The card can also be used for customized testing scenarios using various SmartBits® software applications. The GX-1420B can be installed in either an SMB-200 or SMB-2000 chassis.

  • Supports both 100 Mbps and 1,000 Mbps with autonegotiation.
  • GX-1420B Wire-rate traffic generation with IP checksum.
  • GX-1420B Wire-rate traffic analysis and capture with IP checksum error detection.
  • CRC error generation capability.
  • IP checksum error generation capability.
  • Generates millions of IP Flows in hardware.
  • Generates oversized and undersized frames (20-2,048 bytes).
  • ARP reply analysis.
  • Ping generation.
  • VLAN Tag generation.

NOTE:  No software of any kind (external or internal) is provided with the Hardware. Please contact Spirent to obtain software license rights and maintenance support.

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