IXIA IxWLAN SED Wi-Fi Device and Network Tester


IXIA IxWLAN SED Wi-Fi Device and Network Tester – WARR

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IXIA IxWLAN SED Wi-Fi Device and Network Tester tests 802.11 Wi-Fi access points and the entire wireless LAN network by simulating multiple, concurrent virtual stations (vSTA). IxWLAN supports testing of 802.11a/b/g networks, including roaming and support for multiple SSIDs. It integrates with Ixia’s performance testing applications – including IxChariot, IxLoad, IxNetwork, IxScriptMate, IxExplorer, and IxVoice – to enable enterprises, wireless ISPs, and device manufacturers to verify the capability of today’s Wi-Fi devices and networks to support high-value applications, including Voice over Wi-Fi and differentiated services based on secure network authentication.

  • Emulation of 802.11a, 11b and 11g
  • Simulates 64 virtual stations (vSTAs)
  • vSTAs can roam between Access Points during tests
  • Each vSTA configurable to a separate network (SSID)
  • vSTAs individually configured and controlled
  • Integrates with Ixia’s L2-7 traffic generation applications – IxChariot, IxExplorer, IxLoad, IxNetwork, IxAutomate, IxVoice – and Ixia’s testing hardware
  • Comprehensive 802.11 security, including 802.11i
  • Comprehensive APIs to programmatically control test operations

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