Ixia Optixia LSM1000XMVDC16NG Fusion-enabled Gigabit Ethernet XMVDC Module


Ixia Optixia LSM1000XMVDC16NG Fusion-enabled Gigabit Ethernet XMVDC Module

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Ixia Optixia LSM1000XMVDC16NG Fusion-enabled Gigabit Ethernet XMVDC Module

  • Ability to run IxN2X, IxLoad, IxNetwork, and other Ixia applications on a single hardware platform
  • Extend existing IxN2X systems with XM chassis, Xcellon-Ultra NG, LSM1000XMVDC16NG, LSM10GXM4NG and LSM10GXM8NG load modules, and Timing Distribution Module (TDM)
  • Access to Ixia’s superior L4-7 capability
  • Seamless IxN2X application support with no changes to APIs and GUI workflow
  • IxN2X Test Conductor plug-in for automation support
  • Comprehensive layer 2-7 testing
  • Award-winning, field-proven, high-density 1G hardware based on XMV family architecture
  • Processor per port / user per port
  • 64MB of capture memory

Under Ixia’s Fusion program, LSM1000XMVDC16NG-02 and LSM1000XMVDC4NG Fusion-enabled Gigabit Ethernet XMVDC load modules are capable of running the IxN2X application as well as IxNetwork, IxLoad and other Ixia applications. This unprecedented cross platform compatibility provides an extraordinary value proposition to the existing IxN2X user base in supporting Ixia applications as well as the IxN2X application on a high-density platform. It also allows the user base presently employing IxN2X and Ixia chassis platforms – XM2, XG12, and XGS12-SD – to leverage their hardware across both. IxN2X in conjunction with IxNetwork, IxLoad, and other Ixia applications provide support for a wide breadth of protocols and application testing such as Converged Ethernet.
Ixia’s Gigabit Ethernet XMVDC LAN Services Modules (LSMs) offer complete Layer 2-7 network and application testing functionality in a single test system.
Each test port supports wire-speed Layer 2-3 traffic generation and analysis, high performance routing/bridging protocol emulation, and true Layer 4-7 application traffic generation and subscriber emulation.

With up to 16 DualPHY ports per module, ultra-high density test environments can be created for auto-negotiable 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet over copper as well as Gigabit Fiber and 100Base-FX Ethernet over fiber. With 12 slots per XG12 rack mount chassis, or XGS12-SD rack mount chassis, up to 192 Gigabit Ethernet test ports are supported in a single test system.

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