Ixia Optixia XM12 w/ IxOS-NL, IxLoad, IxAutomate, IxNetwork, Analyzer 6.2

Ixia Optixia XM12 Chassis w/ Analyzer, IxLoad, IxAutomate,IxNetwork,IxOS-NL,IxOS 6.2

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Ixia Optixia XM12 with IxOS-NL Modular Chassis

Ixia Optixia XM12 with IxOS-NL  Modular Chassis

  • Software Version: Ixia Optixia XM12 with IxOS-NL IxOS 6.2
  • XM12 with IxOS-NL Pre-installed Licenses:
    • IxLoad 26-May-2011
      • 925-3320-02:IXLOAD-B2, Data-Video-Voice SW Bundle
      • 925-3142:IXLOAD-Application-Replay, Highly capture/replay fu
    • XM12 with IxOS-NL : Expiration Date 9-Jun-2012
      • 922-0001: Framework (IxServer), IXOS Software, NODE-Locked, 5
    • Analyzer – Chassis components : Expiration Date 10-Jun-2012
      • 932-0101: Analyzer Server, Base Software, Chassis Component
    • IxAutomate : Expiration Date 10-Jun-2012
      • 895-0200: FrameWork, IxAutomate
      • 928-0201: IxAutomate, RFC 2544/IPv6 Test Suite
      • 928-0202: IxAutomate, RFC 2889 Layer 2 Switching Test
      • 928-0220: IxAutomate, Advanced Tcl Scripts Test Suite
      • 928-0221: IxAutomate, Multi -Port Advanced Scripts Test Suite
      • 928-0223: IxAutomate, Quality of Service Test Suite
      • 928-0224: IxAutomate, IPv4Pv6 Tunneling Test Suite
      • 928-0225: IxAutomate, 802. 3ad Link Aggregation Test Suite
      • 928-0226: IxAutomate, Enhanced Quality of Service (Qo
      • 928-0227: IxAutomate, Metro Performance Test Suite
      • 928-0240: IxAutomate, Optional Software, BGP4 Test Suite
      • 928-0241: IxAutomate, Optional Software, OSPF Test Suite
      • 928-0242: IxAutomate, Optional Software, ISISv4/v6 Test Suite
      • 928-0243: IxAutomate, Optional Software, IP Muticast
      • 928-0260: IxAutomate, Optional Software, Bridging Test
      • 928-0280: IxAutomate, Optional Software, LDP Test
      • 928-0281: IxAutomate, Optional Software, MPLS RSVP-TEST
      • 928-0282: IxAutomate, Optional Software, L2 MPLS VPN
      • 928-0283: IxAutomate, Optional Software, L3 MPLS VPN
      • 928-0284: IxAutomate, Optional Software, VPLS Test Suite
    • IxNetwork : Expiration Date 10-Jun-2012
      • 895-0100: FrameWork, IxNetwork
      • 930-2004: IxNetwork, Optional Software, Multicast Emulation
      • 930-2005: IxNetwork, Optional Software, BGP4
      • 930-2006: IxRouter/ IxNetwork, BGP4 w/VPN support
      • 930-2007: IxRouter/IxNetwork, BGP4 w/IPv6 support
      • 930-2008: IxNetwork, Optional Software, OSPFV2
      • 930-2009: IxNetwork, Optional Software, OSPFV3
      • 930-2010: IxNetwork, Optional Software, IS-1S
      • 930-2011: IxNetwork, Optional Software, IS-1S Emulation with
      • 930-2012: IxNetwork, Optional Software,RIPv
      • 930-2013: IxNetwork, Optional Software,RIPn
      • 930-2014: IxNetwork, Optional Software, MPLS
      • 930-2015: IxNetwork, Optional Software, MPLS
      • 930-2017: IxNetwork, Optional Software, STP /
      • 930-2018: IxNetwork, Optional Software, MSTP Emulation
      • 930-2022: IxNetwork, Optional Software, RFC 2544, Custom Integrate
      • 930-2023: IxNetwork, Optional Software, PFD Emulation for use
      • 930-2032: IxNetwork, Optional Software, Ethernet CFM IEEE 802
      • 930-2033: IxNetwork, Optional Software, PBB-TE Emulation
      • 930-2035: IxNetwork, Optional Software, LACP Ieee 802.3ad Pro
      • 930-2036: IxNetwork, MPLS P2MP RSVO-TE Emulation
      • 930-2040: IxNetwork, Optional Software, Ethernet Link OAM (IEEE)
      • 930-2041: IxNetwork, Optional Software, Two Way Active Meausurment
      • 930-2051: IxNetwork, Optional Software, Protocol emulation ov
      • 930-2070: IxNetwork, Optional Software, IEEE 1588v2 (PTP)Pro
      • 930-2073: IxNetwork, Optional Software, ITU-T SyncE (ESMC) P

Ixia test systems deliver the industry’s most comprehensive solutions for the performance, functional, and conformance testing of networks and networked applications. The 12-slot Optixia XM12 modular chassis provides an ultra-high density, highly flexible platform on which an Ixia test system can be built. Operating in conjunction with the Aptixia family of test applications, the Optixia XM12 provides the foundation for a complete, high performance test environment.

Each chassis supports an integrated test controller that manages all system and testing resources. Resource ownership down to a per-port level coupled with hot-swappable interface modules ensures a highly flexible, multi-user testing environment. Backward compatibility is maintained with existing Ixia interface modules and test applications to provide seamless migration from and integration with existing Ixia test installations.


  • Common platform: a single solution for executing a wide array of data, signaling, voice, video, and application testing from Layers 2-7
  • Hot swappable modules: interface cards can be actively swapped in and out of the test bed without disrupting ongoing testing
  • Extensive interface support: 10/100/1000 Ethernet, 10 Gigabit Ethernet, OC-3c/12c ATM, OC-3c/12c/48c/192c Packet over SONET (POS), Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • Integrated PC controller running Windows XP Pro for management and control of port configuration and statistics
  • High performance: high speed backplane and system controller to support the high bandwidth requirements of large-scale application tests
  • Daisy-chaining of up to 256 Ixia chassis in a single test (Optixia X16, Optixia XL10, Optixia XM12, IXIA 1600T, IXIA 400T) with synchronization accuracy to within 10 nanoseconds
  • Powerful automation facilities using the Tcl scripting language with easy integration into automated lab environments
  • Modular sub-components: power supplies, fans, system controller (CPU, memory, hard drive)


  • Ultra-high Gigabit and 10 Gigabit Ethernet port density in 10U vertical rack space, reducing space requirements and simplifying management
  • Wide variety of network interfaces available enables flexible, multi-functional deployment
  • High performance architecture speeds test initialization and execution times
  • Multi-user environment leverages test equipment investment across multiple tests and users simultaneously
  • Port-level user ownership maximizes testing resources across multiple users
  • Integrated PC controller eliminates need to buy a separate, specially configured workstation
  • Integrated software packaging/installation for both chassis and interface modules reduces management overhead and simplifies upgrades
  • Remote management allows easy access to chassis resources via a network
  • Pre-built automated test packages provide for the simple execution of scaleable benchmarking metric tests
  • Hot-swappable interface modules allows continual test execution in a multi-user environment without interruption
  • Modular sub-components enable simplified and quicker upgrades and replacements
  • Backward compatibility of hardware and software with existing Ixia test systems allows easy transition from or integration with existing installations

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