NetApp FAS6080 Universal Storage System


NetApp FAS6080 Universal Storage System

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NetApp FAS6080 Universal Storage System is ideally suited for storage consolidation supporting hundreds of applications because they are not only highly scalable but also very flexible.

Tiered storage can be implemented in one system using cost-saving SATA disk drives and high-performance FC disk drives. Data can be stored either in file or block format.

NetApp FAS6080 Universal Storage System is supported protocols include FCP, NFS, CIFS, HTTP, and iSCSI for the greatest flexibility.

The Data ONTAP 7G operating system includes two standard features, FlexVol and FlexShare, which improve the effectiveness of consolidation. FlexVol creates volumes that can be readily expanded or contracted while reducing the need for spare capacity. FlexShare enables the consolidation of disparate workloads by ensuring that critical workloads get fast response.

High Availability

A full range of high availability and disaster recovery options are offered with the FAS6000 series. However, NetApp goes beyond the data center baseline for availability. Dual-parity RAID, for example, provides a high level of data protection with negligible performance impact. Similarly, the NetApp implementation of Snapshot copies has no performance impact and requires very little incremental storage, so Snapshot copies can be taken frequently. The result is unparalleled application-level availability with recovery in minutes, not hours, after a failure or human error.

System Configuration

  • Max. Raw Capacity: 1,176TB
  • Max. Cache: 64GB
  • Min. Cache: 32GB
  • Max. HDD Count: 1176
  • Min. HDD Count: 28
  • HDD Support:
    • 300GB FC 15K
    • 300GB 3Gb SAS 15K
    • 450GB FC 15K
    • 450GB 3Gb SAS 10K
    • 500GB SATA 7K
    • 600GB FC 15K
    • 600GB 3Gb SAS 15K
    • 1TB SATA 7K
    • 2TB SATA 7K
  • RAID Support:
    • RAID 4
    • RAID 4 +1
    • RAID 6 +1
    • RAID 6
  • Host Connections:
    • 1Gb FC
    • 2Gb FC
    • 4Gb FC
    • 8Gb FC
    • 1Gb iSCSI
    • 10Gb iSCSI
    • 1GbE
    • 10GbE
    • 10Gb FCoE
  • Dual Controllers: Optional
  • Max. FC Port Count: 16
  • Max. GigE Port Count: 12
  • Network Protocol Support:
    • CIFS
    • HTTP 1.0 Virtual Host
    • HTTP 1.1 Virtual Host
    • iSCSI
    • NDMP
    • NFS v2
    • NFS v3
    • NFS v4
    • PCNFSD V1
    • PCNFSD V2
    • SNMP
  • OS Support:
    • AIX
    • HP-UX
    • Linux
    • Mac OS X
    • Red Hat Ent. Linux
    • Sun Solaris
    • Suse Linux Ent.
    • VMWare
    • Windows 2000
    • Windows Server 2003
    • Windows XP
  • NAS/iSCSI Support: iSCSI & NAS

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