Newport 9016 Modular Controller with 16 x 8510D Dual LDD module


Newport 9016 Modular Controller with 16 x 8510D Dual LDD module

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Newport 9016 Modular Controller with the following:

The Newport Model 9016 Modular Controller expands on Newport’s modular laser diode controller concept to meet the higher channel densities found in Dense WDM (DWDM) applications and 2-D VCSEL arrays where all the lasers have similar electrical configurations.

  • 9016 Modular Controller is 16 bays accept Combo Laser Diode Driver (LDD)/ Temperature Controller (TEC) modules.
  • 9016 Modular Controller is Combo LDD/TEC modules are designed for use in communication applications and have an internal function generator for testing systems.
  • Modular Controller has user only needs to program the frequency, Imax, and Imin to modulate the laser diode output. Triangle, sine or square (50% duty cycle) waveforms are available from 200 Hz–300 kHz.
  •  Modular Controller has  range of  frequencies meets today’s low frequency single-tone and high data rate test requirements for datacom and telecom.
  • The 9016 mainframe automatically detects which module is installed in each bay and displays the system configuration on a large LCD screen. A sophisticated processor provides enhanced system control and data collection capabilities.
  • GPIB/IEEE-488 and RS-232 interfaces are included with the Model 8016 for complete remote control and data collection. LabVIEW drivers are supplied with each 8016 mainframe.
  • Modular Controller has automated testing and device evaluation are easily implemented using Newport’s extensive library of LabVIEW commands.

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