Ameritec Fortissimo NLG-A CMD EXT Analog Network Load Simulator


AmeriTec Fortissimo / NLG-A Analog Load Generator w/ CMD, Extended feature Set

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Ameritec Fortissimo NLG-A CMD EXT Analog (POTS) Network Load Simulator with the following:

Ameritec Fortissimo NLG-A CMD EXT Analog (POTS) Network Load Simulator
What Is It?
The Fortissimo is an analog network load generator that simulates telephony subscribers placing calls into the network. The unit gives the user flexibility to serve a wide range of applications associated with switch and network testing. Ideally suited to allow the user to develop a test environment with the ability to test highly complex call scenarios and interactive applications under high call loads on hundreds of lines simultaneously in a dedicated lab environment
What Does It Do?
The Ameritec Fortissimo has the ability to simulate high volumes of subscriber calls. This high volume of bulk call generation can be combined with complex call testing capability. Through the use of user defined call scripts and line protocols, users can tailor test scenarios to meet a wide range of testing requirements.
Subscribers can be simulated on 100 loop start circuits.
How Does It Work?
The actions of each simulated subscriber are independently controlled through unique parameter fields defined in user programmed Call Scripts. Call Scripts include capabilities for testing signaling, dialing, Voice over Packet, QoS (GMOS, G-PSQM, R-Factor) digit decoding, tone sending, path verification, and tone receive. The Scripts define calling patterns and can simulate practically any action a live caller can perform. Scripts can also simulate multiple subscribers allowing testing of multiple-party calls such as conference calling.
The Ameritec Conductor GUI, a Windows® based Graphical User Interface, allows the user to create test systems. The user is now able to create a battery of tests, create traffic profiles, load test cases, view test results and create reports.
With the addition of the Ameritec XpresScript the user is able to develop sophisticated test scripts by simply drawing the test sequence. Call Scripts are easily developed by dragging, dropping and interconnecting icons to create a graphical Call Flow Diagram. This Call Flow Diagram can easily be loaded into the Fortissimo using the Conductor.
What Can It Test?
Applications that previously were too costly to test automatically can now be easily automated with the Fortissmo.

  • Central Office or PBX Switches and Network
  • 3rd Generation Voice Over Packet Systems
  • Intelligent Network (IN) Applications
  • Voice Mail Systems
  • Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) systems and applications
  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) systems
  • DS3 systems
  • Paging Systems
  • Etc.

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