Ixia Optixia LSM10GXM8S-01 10 Gigabit Ethernet Load Module


Ixia Optixia LSM10GXM8S-01 10 Gigabit Ethernet Load Module

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Ixia Optixia  LSM10GXM8S-01 10 Gigabit Ethernet Load Module

Ixia Optixia LSM10GXM8S-01 10 Gigabit Ethernet Load Module

  • 8-Port LAN/WAN, SFP+ interface with 1GB RAM per port.
  • 10 Gigabit Ethernet Load Module is compatible with the XGS12-SD 12-slot, standard performance rack mount chassis bundle (940-0011), XGS12-HS 12-slot, high-speed performance rackmount chassis bundle (940-0006), XG12 12-slot, rackmount chassis (940-0005), XGS2-SD 2-slot, 3RU standard performance chassis bundle (940-0010), XGS2-HS 2-slot, 3RU high-speed performance chassis bundle (940-0012) and the XM2 desktop chassis (941-0023)
  • Full L2/7 support; REQUIRES one or more SFP+ transceiver options: 948-0013 10GBASE-SR, 948-0014 SFP+10GBASE-LR, 948-0015 SFP+10GBASE-LRM, or 948-0016 SFP+10GSFP+Cu

The NGY series of load modules delivers higher control plane performance and scalability for both layer 3 routing protocol emulation and upper layer 4-7 stateful traffic testing in both the full performance SFP+ (LSM10GXM8S) and 10GBASE-T (LSM10GXM8GBT) The NGY series of modules is a high-density 10 Gigabit Ethernet test solution, with up to 96 ports of 10GE test ports in a single XGS12-SD Standard Performance or XGS12-HS High Performance chassis. Ixia’s high density 10 Gigabit Ethernet load modules are available with a reduced performance option. The reduced performance option provides limited layer 3 routing emulation and control planeperformance, coupled with complete layer 2 and 3 data plane testing. When physical port scalability and efficient use of lab facilities are critical, the LSM10GXMR8, MR4, and the highly economical MR2 reduced feature load modules are the most affordable 10GbE test solution available for manufacturing and large port count test beds. A broad portfolio of enterprise, data center Ethernet, storage area networks, metropolitan-edge, and core network test solutions are supported, including performance, scalability, and conformance testing of layer 2-3 devices. Data and control planes may be simultaneously tested, including routing protocols and stateful testing of layer 4-7 content-aware devices and networks.

  • 96 ports per 12-slot chassis
  • Reduced rack space • Reduced power consumption, and cooling requirements
  • Up to 50% less power consumption than the nearest competitor – less lab cooling required
  • Tracks and analyzes up to 1 million flows per port for real-time latency, Inter-arrival time, packet loss, data integrity, sequence checking
  • Comprehensive Layer 2-7 testing • Integrated data plane and control plane traffic generation and analysis
  • Layer 2/3 data plane testing
  • IPv4/v6 routing protocol emulation
  • Bridging protocols: FCoE, 802.1Qbb, MPLS VPNs, MPLS-TP, Multicast 1588v2, Sync-E • Stateful Application Layer 4-7 testing
  • Sophisticated multi-protocol encapsulation and label stacking

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