Spirent SmartBits POS-3502As OC-3 Single Mode Module


Spirent SmartBits POS-3502As OC-3 Single-Mode Module

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Spirent SmartBits POS-3502As OC-3 Single Mode Module simulate the millions of client and server sessions that are required to fully test POS systems.

With Spirent SmartBits POS-3502As OC-3 Single Mode Module, you can quickly measure all of the key metrics, including true load capacity, latency, and IP frame sequencing using repeatable, industry-standard tests.

Key Applications & Benefits

  • Dramatically improves the time to market and reduces the risk of failure at the customer site.
  • Increases testing productivity by reducing test setup time, reducing time spent troubleshooting test devices, and providing repeatable tests.
  • Evaluates key performance parameters of POS routers under typical or extreme traffic load conditions.
  • Qualifies POS routers during development, quality assurance, and final regression testing.
  • Performs comparative analysis of POS routers and requalifies POS routers after firmware upgrades.

NOTE:  No software of any kind (external or internal) is provided with the Hardware. Please contact Spirent to obtain software license rights and maintenance support.

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