National Instruments PXI-4461 Data Acquisition for sound & vibration


PXI-4461 data acquisition for sound & vibration

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The National Instruments PXI-4461 Data Acquisition for sound & vibration is a high-accuracy data acquisition module specifically designed for sound and vibration applications.

This module includes the hardware and software needed to make precision measurements with microphones, accelerometers, and other transducers that have very large dynamic ranges.

The PXI-4461 is intended for sound and vibration applications. This module gives two-channel dynamic signal generation and two-channel acquisition. One of six gain settings can be used to design the input range. The PXI 4461 incorporates programming configurable AC/DC coupling and IEPE conditioning. The NI PXI-4461 incorporates the equipment and programming expected to make accuracy estimations with receivers, accelerometers, and different transducers that have large dynamic ranges. Common applications for this module include audio test, automotive noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH), and machine condition monitoring.

The PXI 4461 National Instruments module supports two terminal arrangements for AI: differential and pseudo-differential. The term pseudo-differential alludes to the way that there is 50 Ω of resistance between the external BNC shell and chassis frame. The analog input channels on this module also have digital filters to stop aliasing from occurring. The user can arrange the National Instruments NI PXI-4461 input channels on a per channel premise. Therefore, the user can have one channel configured for differential mode and the other channel configured for pseudo-differential mode. Then, the user can arrange the channels in view of how the signal source or device under test (DUT) is referenced.

The NI PXI 4461 PXI Sound and Vibration Module’s acquisition clock can be synchronized with other devices in the user’s system for mixed-signal applications. Digital and analog triggering are features offered on this module. The analog input channels have 24-bit resolution analog-to-digital converters that are simultaneously sampled at software-programmable rates for regular audio applications. For example, one of these rates is 44.1 kS/s which is utilized in CD players. Another example is 48.0 kS/s which is the rate utilized in digital audio tape recorders and other types of digital audio devices.

  • 2 simultaneously sampled analog inputs at up to 204.8 kS/s
  • 2 simultaneously updated analog outputs at up to 204.8 kS/s
  • Software-configurable AC/DC coupling and IEPE conditioning
  • 24-bit resolution ADCs and DACs with 118 dB dynamic range
  • Variable anti-aliasing and anti-imaging filters
  • 6 gain settings for input ranges from ±316 mV to 42.4 V

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