Santec TSL-210 1530 – 1610 nm Tunable Semiconductor Laser Controller-Sold As-is


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Santec TSL-210 Tunable Semiconductor Laser Controller with the following:

  • Can’t test wavelength accuracy
  • Unable to test it.
  • **It does not come with RIFOCS power meter. ONLY for testing.**

Santec TSL-210 Tunable Semiconductor Laser Controller models are designed as fully-controllable, single-channel bench top tunable lasers, with superior performance and reasonable cost. Both the TSL-210 and TSL-220 units offer excellent stability in conjunction with high output power and wide wavelength tuning ranges, selectable from various windows between 1260 and 1650 nm (TSL-210). These lasers share many standard features that include Automatic Power Control (APC), fine-tuning wavelength control, fully variable coherence control, and a GPIB-RS232C interface with drivers for LabView and Visual Basic. The TSL-220 also features an integrated wavelength monitor, which enables the laser to achieve absolute wavelength accuracy of ±5pm. In addition, a built-in tracking filter is incorporated to cut ASE noise and provide a high signal-tonoise ratio (SNR). A built-in attenuator adjusts optical power to ensure that a high side-modesuppression ratio (SSR) is maintained even at low output levels. The TSL-210 and TSL-220 tunable lasers are ideal for use in a wide variety of telecom applications including research, development, and production environments.

  • 80-100 nm range at 1260-1650nm
  • High Power over 10mW
  • High Accuracy and Stability for Wavelength & Power
  • Compact Size and Easy Operation
  • GPIB Remote Interface

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Weight20 lbs
Dimensions14 × 12 × 12 in


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