Spirent SR5500M MIMO DEE AWGN COMPLEX SYSTEM Wireless RF Channel Emulator

Spirent SR5500M MIMO DEE AWGN COMPLEX SYSTEM Wireless RF Channel Emulator

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Spirent SR5500M Wireless RF Channel Emulator with the following:

  • Model : SR5500M
    • Firmware Version: 03.51.01
  • MIMO Option
    • Baseline 2×2
    • Modularily expandable to uni/bi-directional
  • AWGN Option.
    • C/N Ratio -30 to +32db
    • Accuracy ±0.1 dB for -20 to 15 dB ratios
    • Bandwidth 26, 13, 6.5, 3.25, 1.625 MHz
    • Fidelity Meets or exceeds all 3GPP, 3GPP2, WLAN, WiMAX, and LTE requirements
    • Sequence Duration > 2 hours
    • Settable Modes C/N, C/No, Eb/No
  • COMPLEX Correlation Option
  • DEE Option
  • SYSTEM Option
  • ASA Expiration date 10/14
  • 10 MHz Reference

The Spirent SR5500M Wireless RF Channel Emulator is the most complete and efficient solution available for accurately testing SISO and 2×2 MIMO wireless receivers. The system can be configured to manage intricate MIMO-OTA testing (via simplified graphical controls) and to perform Virtual Drive Testing (VDT) to reduce the cost and time burdens associated with drive testing.

The SR5500M helps isolate performance issues early in the development and design verification cycle, accelerating time to market and minimizing post-deployment issues.

  • The SR5500M emulates wideband radio channel characteristics such as time-varying multi-path delay spread, fast fading, shadow fading and channel loss for advanced receiver implementations using diversity, beamforming and MIMO
  • Optional configurations let you stick to your budget without risk. Systems are always fully upgradeable to our most powerful modular configuration
  • Spirent’s exclusive Fading Lab lets you create a repeatable RF environment from data sets, whether captured on channel-sounding equipment or generated in software
  • An advanced fading engine ensures accurate testing of sophisticated technologies like E-UTRA (LTE), HSPA, HSPA+, EV-DO, WLAN and WiMAX
  • Spirent’s exclusive DEE gives you the flexibility to quickly and easily turn simple spreadsheets into complex RF scenarios ready to use for testing

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