Spirent TestCenter SPT-N4U Compact Chassis

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The SPT-N4U supports Spirent’s latest high-density test modules in a smaller chassis form-factor that incorporates innovative time- and money-saving capabilities such as: Built-in touchscreen administration, intelligent power and fan control, fast booting and system firmware upgrades. With its efficient architecture, the SPT-N4U supports a variety of environments where the testing requires equipment to be relocated from time-to-time. It also supports multi-user functional testing and chassis chaining where higher density is required but a mainframe N11U is not available. The N4U is fully interoperable with the N11U and accepts the same test modules with no modifications.

  • High-density in a small form-factor
    • Scales to 640 gigabits of cloud traffic per second
    • Supports up to 16 40G ports, 64 10G ports, or 4 100G Ethernet ports per chassis
  • Investment protection for existing hardware and future technologies
    • Fully backward-compatible with existing Spirent HyperMetrics and HyperMetrics Next test modules
    • Does not require learning new UIs or APIs • 400G Ethernet ready
  • Measurement reliability and accuracy
    • Best-in-class timing precision and synchronization for large scale tests and site-to-site latency/jitter measurements
    • Automatic calibration for chassis-to-chassis synchronization
  • Innovative design
    • Built-in touchscreen for real-time chassis status and administration
    • 4x times faster boot time and 3x times faster firmware upgrades than previous systems
    • Client software download from the chassis via Web browser

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Weight 67 lbs
Dimensions 32 × 24 × 20 in


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