Spirent TestCenter SPT-N4U Chassis with DX2-40G-Q24 High Density Test Module


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This item is Spirent TestCenter SPT-N4U Chassis with DX2-40G-Q24 High Density Test Module more info the below.

P/N Spirent TestCenter N4U with DX2-40G-Q24

Spirent TestCenter SPT-N4U Chassis with the following:

The SPT-N4U Chassis supports Spirent’s latest high-density test modules in a smaller chassis form-factor that incorporates innovative time- and money-saving capabilities such as: Built-in touchscreen administration, intelligent power and fan control, fast booting and system firmware upgrades. With its efficient architecture, the SPT-N4U Chassis supports a variety of environments where the testing requires equipment to be relocated from time-to-time. It also supports multi-user functional testing and chassis chaining where higher density is required but a mainframe N11U is not available. The SPT-N4U Chassis is fully interoperable with the N11U and accepts the same test modules with no modifications.

  • High-density in a small form-factor
    • Scales to 640 gigabits of cloud traffic per second
    • Supports up to 16 40G ports, 64 10G ports, or 4 100G Ethernet ports per chassis
  • Investment protection for existing hardware and future technologies
    • Fully backward-compatible with existing Spirent HyperMetrics and HyperMetrics Next test modules
    • Does not require learning new UIs or APIs • 400G Ethernet ready
  • Measurement reliability and accuracy
    • Best-in-class timing precision and synchronization for large scale tests and site-to-site latency/jitter measurements
    • Automatic calibration for chassis-to-chassis synchronization
  • Innovative design
    • Built-in touchscreen for real-time chassis status and administration
    • 4x times faster boot time and 3x times faster firmware upgrades than previous systems
    • Client software download from the chassis via Web browser

* Requires ACC-2017A or ACC-2018A card carrier adapter. Please contact your Spirent sales representative for the list of supported modules.

The Spirent dX2 test module series combines 40GbE and 10GbE functionality in multiple speed form-factors to provide the highest density and most cost-effective solution for testing high-performance Top of Rack (ToR), End of Row (EoR), and high-scale switch and router fabrics. Modern switch and router fabrics span multiple chassis and can be expanded to build systems supporting hundreds or thousands of ports. The Spirent dX2 series is capable of fully loading those systems to maximum bandwidth capacity. Combining Spirent’s Cloud Core enabled hardware architecture with the Spirent TestCenter software platform, dX2 modules enable traffic scaling to more than 22 terabits in a single rack. With Spirent’s advanced setup wizards and Intelligent Results, test engineers can quickly assess fabric performance and reliability at full load before deploying large mission-critical environments where failure could impact millions of users. The Spirent dX2 module comes in dual-speed 40GbE/10GbE, 40GbE only and 10 GbE only versions and is fully compatible with the industry-leading Layer 2-7 traffic generation and deep analysis capabilities of the Spirent fX2 and mX and dX HyperMetrics modules. A solution combining Spirent dX2 modules, other Spirent modules, and Spirent’s virtual test ports delivers unparalleled possibilities for designing the highest capacity and most flexible test beds at a cost-effective price point.

  • When scaling to tests with hundreds or thousands of test ports, several challenges arise. Configuring those ports and analyzing the data produced can be a formidable task. Spirent has been the industry leader in large scale testing for the last decade by architecting software and hardware that is built to scale
  • Dual-speed modules support 40 GbE and 10 GbE operation from each port adding flexibility and cost savings for users needing high density test solutions at multiple port speeds
  • • Multiple interface speed and port-density versions to choose from to match your test application, budget and scale
  • Up to 8 simultaneous users per module optimizes port utilization
  • Protocol emulation support for all key fabric and access protocols including: ISIS, OSPF, BGP, MPLS, LACP, xSTP, IGMP, MLD, SPB, TRILL, FCoE, FIP, DCBX and 1588
  • The highest density 40GbE and 10GbE solution optimizes lab space and minimizes power consumption. Supports up to 144 40 GbE or 576 10 GbE ports per 11U chassis
  • Supports the advanced Spirent test signature for full compatibility with the complete line of Spirent test modules. This provides a solution enabling full backplane traffic loading with many dX2 modules transmitting traffic to be analyzed with the advanced deep analysis capabilities of the Spirent mX, fX2 and HyperMetrics modules
  • Full compatibility with Spirent TestCenter Virtual—enabling highdensity testing throughout the physical and virtual data center infrastructure
  • Available test packages and integrated configuration wizards simplify and accelerate configuration of multiterabit traffic patterns across hundreds or thousands of ports

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