Spirent Adtech SX/13 Data Link Simulator


Spirent Adtech SX/13 Data Channel Simulator

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Spirent Adtech SX13 Data Link Simulator

Spirent Adtech SX13 Data Link Simulator creates the same delay and error characteristics caused by long-distance terrestrial and satellite data links.  By providing realistic simulations of actual network conditions, they allow users to stress test equipment and network applications without the expense and inconsistency associated with on-line testing.

Utilizing dual-channel, full-duplex interfaces, these devices provide true bi-directional testing using programmable delays, random bit errors, and burst errors. Multiple delay and error events can be programmed into complex sequences to simulate a wide variety of adverse link conditions, or even specific events such as targeting framing bits and testing CPE alarm thresholds.


Spirent Adtech SX13 Data Link Simulator can be used to test the effects of digital data links on the operation, performance, and reliability of multiplexers, bridges, encrypters, network applications, and related communications hardware and software products.


  • Adtech midrange simulator operates from 100 bps up to 51.84 Mbps for simulating any link from RS232 up to DS3 and SONET STS-1

  • Injects delays of up to 324 ms at 51.84 Mbps, up to 9,999 ms at lower data rates with 1 ms, 1 Fs or 16 bit delay increments

  • Generates randomly distributed bit error rates from 9×10-1 to 1×10-12 with Gaussian distribution

  • Generates burst errors with bit error rates from 1 to 1×10-12 and fixed or randomly distributed lengths with 1 bit or 1 ms resolution

  • Independent delay, error settings, and error statistics displays for each direction of the full duplex data link

  • User programmable sequences up to 99 steps long permit simulating complex effects caused by real world events such as signal fading, backup channel switchover, etc.

  • T1/E1 variable time slot delays and error targeting options available

  • Remote control and status with optional remote control interface

  • Five rear panel plug-in slots accept plug-in line interface modules or extended feature option modules

  • Accepts DS3 (T3) (44.736 Mbps), and STS-1 (51.84 Mbps) high speed interfaces

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