Tektronix SD22 SD-22 12.5 GHz Sampling Head


Tektronix SD-22 Sample Head

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Tektronix SD22 SD-22 12.5 GHz Sampling Head provides an acquisition rise time of 28 ps, and typically 450 µVRMS of displayed noise. With smoothing, noise levels are 180 µVRMS.

In order to precisely capture and display the switching characteristics of high-speed communications circuits, to make accurate statistical measurements of signal noise and signal timing jitter, or to obtain stable timing measurements of fast digital ICs, the noise floor of the test equipment must be kept to a minimum.
Tektronix SD22 SD-22 12.5 GHz Sampling Head is the ideal instrument for these low-noise applications:

  • ECL, CMOS and ACL GaAs Device Characterization (SD14)
  • General-purpose TDR (SD20)
  • Digital Data Communications (SD22)
  • Line Impedance and Crosstalk
  • Characterization (SD24)
  • Dual Channel Device Characterization (SD26)
  • High Bandwidth Communication & Microwave (SD32)
  • SONET/SDH Compliance Testing (ORR24)

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