NetApp V3160A Virtualized Storage System with Transferable Licenses


NetApp V3160A with Transferrable Licenses

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NetApp V3160A Virtualized Storage System with Transferable Licenses with the following :

  • FCP
  • NFS
  • A-SIS
  • CIFS
  • It comes with Cluster Dual controller

NetApp V3160A Virtualized Storage System V3100 Series heterogeneous storage virtualization system is essential to managing enterprise applications for business and technical applications across multiple environments.

NetApp V3160A Virtualized Storage System V3100 series storage virtualization system delivers scalability, consolidation, versatility, and high availability. Leverage dynamic virtualization across your existing infrastructure while supporting your expanding business applications.

Scale your system in a single architecture and management interface for multiple storage arrays. This will allow your storage administrator to manage your continued growth without learning a new system.

Consolidate with our Data ONTAP 7G operating system to create volumes that can be either dynamically expanded or contracted. This reduces the need for spare capacity, improves your business efficiency, and reduces data management complexity.

Capitalize on the high availability and disaster recovery capabilities of the V3100, enabling you to access and recover data instantly with minimal performance impact.

Virtualization Specifications

  • Storage Interface/Data Rate: PCI-Based Fibre Channel Fabric and Fibre Channel-Arbitrated Loop (FC-AL)/1 to 4Gb/sec Storage Arrays
  • Hardware Compatibility
    • IBM – SAN Volume controller, Enterprise Storage Server (ESS), DS 4000 storage
    • HDS – USP Platform, AMS, Lightning Series, Thunder Series, SANRISE Series (Japan Only)
    • HP – StorageWorks XP Arrays, StorageWorks Enterprise Virtual Arrays
    • EMC – Symmetrix, Clariion
    • Fujitsu – ETERNUS Platform
    • 3PAR – InServ Family
    • SUN – StorageTek

Key Points:

  • Scale to more than 800TB of capacity on a single architecture and management interface.
  • Gain heterogeneous virtualization that supports multiple storage vendors.
  • Consolidate storage for hundreds of applications and multiple standard protocols.
  • Attain application-level availability: recover in minutes, not hours.

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