Spirent TestCenter XFP-1001A 10Gbe Test Module

Spirent XFP-1001A – 10GbE XFP, 1 Port (SFF)

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Spirent TestCenter XFP-1001A 10Gbe Test Module provides affordable and complete Layer 2 and Layer 3 functional and LAN switching along with functional system, conformance and performance benchmark testing for both 10GbE LAN and WAN protocols.

Spirent TestCenter XFP-1001A 10Gbe Test Module offers complete metropolitan and enterprise routing protocol test capability.  Applications for testing IPTV and broadband access are available on the Series 1000.

  • XFP-1001A 10Gbe Test Module support for Deficit Idle Count (DIC), Link Fault Signaling (LFS), Ethernet preamble editing, and diagnostic loopback
  • 10Gbe Test Module High port density modules with per-port group reservation, providing multi-user capability
  • 10Gbe Test Module Dual media test modules provide 10/100/1000 Mbps and Gigabit Ethernet fiber
  • 10Gbe Test Module Wire-rate and beyond wire-rate traffic generation and analysis at Layers 2 and 3
  • 10Gbe Test Module Compatible with all Spirent TestCenter software applications for comprehensive functional testing and performance analysis all in one system
  • 10Gbe Test Module Supports all core technologies required to test Enterprise L2/L3 switches, including QoS, IPv4/v6, multicast, routing, spanning tree, VLAN and DHCP.
  • 10Gbe Test Module Simultaneously runs multiple protocols per port to emulate large routed networks.
  • Series 2000 GigE modules support testing of application level protocols such as HTTP, SSL, FTP, Telnet, DNS, IPv6, IPSec, Capture/ Replay for L4-7, SIP, SMTP and POP3
  • Custom packet and frame editing is facilitated by a graphically driven field editor that allows the user to edit templates for a wide variety of preconfigured control and data plane packets
  • Real time per stream statistics such as jitter, PRBS and minimum, maximum and average latency per stream
  • Real time event log allows user to view actual protocol messaging on a per-port basis
  • Hardware is field-programmable. The module can be upgraded on-site in its chassis as new features and technologies become available.

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