JDSU Acterna ANT-20SE  SDH Advanced Network Tester STM-4 OC-12


JDSU Acterna ANT-20SE SDH Network Tester STM-4 OC-12

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JDSU Acterna ANT-20SE  SDH Advanced Network Tester with the following:

  • Software Versions
    • User Interface : 8.36
    • Base Module : 8.36
  • Instrument: 3035/21
  • Edition: 3060/01 ANT-20SE SDH
  • Existing Options
    • 3035/90.01  Mapping C12
    • 3035/90.02  34 Mbps in C3 Mapping
    • 3035/90.03  Mapping C4
    • 3035/90.04  Mapping C11
    • 3035/90.05  45 Mbps in C3 Mapping
    • 3035/90.06  Mapping C2
    • 3035/90.10  Mapping VT1.5 SPE
    • 3035/90.11  Mapping VT6 SPE
    • 3035/90.12  DS3 in STS-1 SPE Mapping
    • 3035/90.13  E1 in VT2 SPE Mapping
    • 3035/90.15    Extended Overhead Analysis
    • 3035/90.20    Drop & Insert
    • 3035/90.30 PDH Mux/Demux 64/140M
    • 3035/90.32    Mux/Demux M13
    • 3035/90.33    Bit Error Test 2/8/34/140 Mbps
    • 3035/90.34    Bit Error Test 1,5/45 Mbps
    • 3035/90.48 Optics STM-1/4, OC-1/3/12, 1310&1550
    • 3035/90.70 ATM Module with ATM Mapping STM-1/STS-3C
    • 3035/90.71 ATM Mapping STS-1/STS-3
    • 3035/90.72 ATM Mapping E4
    • 3035/90.73 ATM Mapping DS3
    • 3035/90.74 ATM Mapping E3
    • 3035/90.75 ATM Mapping E1
    • 3035/90.76 ATM Mapping DS1
    • 3035/90.77 ATM Mapping VC3 in STM-1
    • 3035/95.90    Test Sequencer
    • 3035/90.91 OC-12c/STM-4c ATM Testing
    • 3035/90.99 ATM-Mapping VC12
    • 3035/91.01 V.24 Remote Control
    • 3035/92.10 GPIB Remote Control
    • 3035/92.11 TCP/IP Remote Control

JDSU Acterna ANT-20SE  SDH Advanced Network Tester with four free slots, the JDSU Acterna ANT-20SE  SDH Advanced Network Tester has the most unique feature allowing for the combination and parallel function of all bit rates up to STM-16/OC-48 with jitter and wander up to 2.5 Gbps and ATM in a single unit. The ANT-20 is suitable for a number of applications including development labs, conformance and functional tests in production, installation and acceptance and can help pinpoint potential problems within in-service networks. The highly flexible measurement capabilities of the ANT-20 make it possible to investigate all major quality parameters on diverse interfaces, ranging from simple bit error rate tests (BERT) to performance and pointer analysis, covering even complex synchronization problems. The ANT-20 offers a customizable test solution that can be tailored to specific individual needs. The ANT-20’s built-in PC with its Windows based design makes integration and use of the instrument in various work environments simple and easy. Test results can be saved internally in the ANT-20 or on diskette and printed in report format on any standard printer. PC software such as Microsoft Excel™ or Word™ can also be used for documentation purposes. The ANT-20’s built-in help functions are easily accessible, delivering answers and technical information directly to the user

  • Multi-rate transmission testing from DS1 to OC-192c and E1 to STM-64c.
  • Modular platform offering SONET, DSn, SDH, and ATM capabilities.
  • Large color touch screen display.
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use user interface.
  • Flexible integration into lab or manufacturing test environments.
  • Modular hardware and software concept.
  • Portable mainframe.

ANT-20SE  SDH Advanced Network Tester Applications:

  • BERT and Performance testing – Test for DSn, PDH, SONET, and SDH signals support of bit error rate test for all standard bit rates along with performance tests according to the latest ITU-T Recommendations.
  • Jitter and Wander analysis – Generation and analysis of jitter and wander for bit rates from 1.5 Mbps to 10 Gbps fully compliant to ITU-T Recommendation O.172.
  • Analysis of Tandem Connection Monitorig (TCM) – Verifies the proper implementation of TCM in your SDH network.
  • Comprehensive ATM testing – Tests ATM networks for correct operation and Quality of Service (QoS). Depending on the application, the ANT-20 has test solutions for permanent virtual circuits (PVC) and switched virtual circuits (SVC).
  • Test Automation – Time and cost savings through automation. The CATS test sequencer is test automation software designed to run on the ANT-20’s built-in PC. It is the ideal tool for automating repeat test procedures.
  • Remote operation – Due to the Microsoft Windows-based design, the same software can be run on both the ANT-20 and on a laptop or PC, enabling complicated and time-consuming tests to be carried out remotely.

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