Spirent Abacus 5000 ECG3 ECG-3000F w/ SWF-0111, 0106, 0107, 0108, 0110


Spirent Abacus 5000 ECG3 ECG-3000F Subsystem w/ 8 options


This item is Spirent Abacus 5000 ECG3 ECG-3000F 5 SWF options.

Spirent Abacus 5000 ECG3 ECG-3000F 5 SWF Telephony Subsystem with the following:

  • P/N : ECG-3000F
  • Options installed
    • Call Generation
    • SWF-0111 Feature Testing
    • SWF-0106 PESQ
    • PSQM/PSQM+
    • SWF-0107 T.30 Fax to V.17
    • SWF-0108 V.34 Analog Data Modem
    • Clear Channel
    • SWF-0110 Echo Measurement  

The Abacus 5000 ECG3 ECG-3000F subsystem emulates analog telephony functionality. The ECG3 ECG-3000F subsystem is an analog call generator that simulates analog telephony subscribers placing and terminating calls.

  • Analog FXO
  • 14 two-wire circuits
  •  Globally compliant with FCC, NET4, CTR21, JATE, and country specific PTT specifications
  •  Programmable protocol state machine
  •  64-bit processor, DSPs, and flash memory to ensure full computing and upgrading capabilities
  •  Programmable call progress ones
  •  DTMF, MF R1, MF R2, pulse dialing
  •  Detect caller ID
  •  Detect metering pulses
  •  Detect battery reversal/denial
  • Generate 4,766 calls per hour per subsystem
  •  Flexible call sequences
  •  Verify speech path is established and retained for call
  •  Results automatically and continuously gathered and presented in tables and graphs

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Weight5 lbs
Dimensions14 × 12 × 4 in

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