Exfo FTB-1400 Multitest Module for the FTB-300


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Exfo FTB-1400 Multitest Module for the FTB-300

  • Part Number: FTB-1402.
  • Version: F-3.2
  • (VFL)Visual Fault Locator.

Exfo FTB-1400 Multitest Module  is ideal for taking accurate absolute power measurements (in dBm and W) and loss measurements (in dB).

  • 1625 nm testing provides worst-case attenuation for the L band
  • Fiber identifier detects 2 kHz signals
  • Notepad feature documents power meter results in the field or in the office
  • Power meter or optical loss test set uses manual or automated operation
  • Singlemode or multimode, digital talk set, offers full-duplex hands-free communication
  • Light source supports automated bidirectional loss and return loss testing
  • Visual fault locator features 650 nm visible bright red source
  • Ultra-High-Power power meter models

Additional information

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 12 × 4 in


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