Acterna ONT-50 10G Optical Network Tester with Jitter and Wander


Acterna ONT-50 10G Optical Network Tester With Jitter and Wander

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Acterna ONT-50 Optical Network Tester with the following:

  • Mainframe
    • Device Version : 3070/01
    • Options
      • 3070/93.01
      • 3070/93.02
      • 3070/93.04
      • 3070/93.91: Wander 10/10.7G
  • ONT-50 TX Jitter
    • Device Version : 3070/90.50
  • ONT-50 OTN-10-10.7G L01
    • Device Version : 3070/90.32
      • OTN Module 10/10.7G version 2
  • ONT-50 RX Jitter
    • Device Version : 3070/90.51

Acterna ONT-50 Optical Network Tester offers multiport test configurations from 155 to 10.7 Gbps, for traditionalSONET/SDH applications and PoS/IP analysis as well as for digital wrapper (DW) tests in accordance with ITU-T G.709. A Q-factor meter and OSA can also be incorporated, providing all the test tools required for DWDM network installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting in one compact test instrument

  • Portable, rugged field instrument and multi-user remote operation
  • Optical and physical layer test and performance monitoring in a single instrument
  • SDH/SONET test and PoS/IP analysis up to 10 Gbps
  • Analysis of optical transport networks (OTN) including 2.7G and 10.7G in accordancewith ITU-T G.709
  • DWDM measurement, including OSA and Q-factor
  • Highly configurable test platform with powerful, versatile software and Internet download option

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