National Instruments PXI-2556 PXI RF Multiplexer Switch Module


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The National Instruments PXI-2556 is an RF signal multiplexer switch module.

The multi-bank architecture of the NI PXI PXI-2556 makes it ideal for test systems that require parallel operations such as the stimulus/response testing of video RF devices such as tuners. The module also features excellent insertion loss, voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR), and isolation parameters to minimize signal degradation. You can use the onboard relay count tracking feature to predict relay lifetime and reduce unexpected system downtime.

The National Instruments PXI-2556 Multiplexer Switch Module allows the user to program the switches by utilizing the NI-SWITCH driver software which is compatible with IVI, complete with help documentation, sample programs and a soft front board application for intuitive switch control. For intelligent management of complex switching framework, NI Switch Executive gives extra software tools to help the user design, fabricate, and deploy their switching framework.

The PXI-2556 PXI RF Multiplexer Switch Module is perfect for high channel count applications that need to associate estimating or signal generation instruments to a few test focuses in devices or units under test (DUT or UUT). This PXI RF Multiplexer Switch Module utilizes electromechanical relays. When the user employs the NI PXI-2556 to start a scan, ensure the estimation gadget is armed (waiting for trigger) before empowering scanning on the switch card. Empowering scanning causes the first switch in the scan list to close and generate a scanner advanced trigger after the relay switches have settled or debounced.

When using the estimation gadget to start a scan, ensure filtering is empowered on the NI PXI-2556 before the estimation gadget begins to take estimations. This guarantees the switch module has the right signal routed and that the switch module is waiting for an outside trigger from the estimation gadget. This module has 2 banks, 4 channels, 2.5 GHz switch bandwidth, and 75 Ohm characteristic impedance.

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