Spirent GSS6700 Opts installed: GPS/SBAS, GLONAS Multi-GNSS Simulator System


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Spirent GSS6700 Flexible Multi-GNSS Simulator System with the following:

  • Model: GSUA-0120
  • GSS6700 Options installed
    • GPS/SBAS
    • GLONAS
  • GSS6700 Hardware configuration
    • Bootloader version 9
    • Firmware version 02.03.00
    • Timer FPGA ID 3
    • USB EPLD ID 2
    • DSP board ID 3
    • Sync EPLD ID 17
    • Signal Generator FPGA ID 4.29
    • Signal Generator variant 2

The Spirent GSS6700 Flexible Multi-GNSS Simulator System from Spirent provides an easy-to-use but powerful solution for GNSS testing which can grow with your evolving needs.

  • GPS/SBAS, GLONASS, BeiDou and Galileo supported
  • 12 independent channels of each constellation
  • Field upgrade minimises downtime as your needs grow
  • Portable scenarios facilitate collaboration
  • Class leading accuracy, fidelity and reliability
  • Save and compare DUT data
  • Receiver antenna pattern modelling
  • Import motion from logged NMEA

The Spirent GSS6700 Flexible Multi-GNSS Simulator System is supported by a range of scenario generation and simulator control software packages including Spirent’s feature-rich SimGENTM. Each software package has a range of capabilities from the all-inclusive SimGENTM to packages more suited to production or integration / verification applications.
SimGENTM offers a complete and flexible scenario generation capability including control of the constellations, propagation, terrain obscuration, antenna patterns, multipath, vehicle trajectory and a range of error models.
SimREPLAY supports operation of the simulator replaying pre-defined scenario and is ideal for repetitive comparative measurements. Scenarios for use with SimREPLAY can be obtained from a number of sources including an online scenario generation tool available at no additional charge to customers with a warranty or support contract.
SimREPLAYplus enables the user to define vehicle motion remotely as well as adding the ability to edit the time, date and position. SimREPLAYplus allows users to generate scenarios locally with features comparable to the online tool available to supported SimREPLAY users.

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