Spirent SmartBits WN-3441A WAN T1 4-pt SmartMetrics SmartCard


Spirent SmartBits WN-3441A WAN T1 Frame Relay/PPP 4-Port SmartMetrics SmartCard

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Spirent SmartBits WN-3441A WAN T1 4-pt SmartMetrics SmartCard is network performance analysis tools that perform frame-level testing at up to full wire rate for WAN and broadband access devices, LAN routers, and switches.

  • WN-3441A, WAN T1, Frame Relay/PPP, 4-port, SmartMetrics SmartCard
  • WN-3441A 4-pt SmartMetrics SmartCard supports T1/E1/DS3 interfaces
  • It channelized to NxDSOs up to full T1/E1/DS3 rates
  • 4-pt SmartMetrics SmartCard, Supports IGMP V2 protocol
  • 4-pt SmartMetrics SmartCard, Provides clear channel DS3 support. Maximum rates may vary depending on frame size and the number of channelsconfigured
  • 4-pt SmartMetrics SmartCard, Provides full line-rate traffic generation and analysis
  • It supports layer 2 and layer 3 testing
  • It supports Frame Relay and PPP protocols
  • WN-3441A, Supports RFC 1490 for IP encapsulation over Frame Relay and RFC 1662 for IP encapsulation over PPP
  • WN-3441A, Supports Frame Relay LMI, Annex A, or Annex D link man-agement protocols
  • WN-3441A, Supports up to 1,023 Frame Relay PVCs per card
  • WN-3441A, Supports PAP and CHAP authentication, and Microsoft CHAP
  • It supports one LMI or PPP session per channel
  • It supports up to 2,048 IP, UDP, or custom streams per card
  • It supports up to 64K flows per stream.


NOTE:  No software of any kind (external or internal) is provided with the Hardware. Please contact Spirent to obtain software license rights and maintenance support.

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