WWG ANT-5 SDH Access Tester with PMP option


WWG ANT-5 SDH Access Tester

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WWG ANT-5 SDH/PDH Access Tester with the following:

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WWG  ANT-5 SDH/PDH Access Tester Installation and commissioning solution for SDH, SONET, PDH, OTDR and ATM access networks with line rate testing from 1.544 Mb/s to 2.5 Gb/s.

  • ANT-5 SDH/PDH Access Tester Configurable and upgradeable with a wide range of optical interfaces and SW options, e.g. ATM.
  • ANT-5 SDH/PDH Access Tester All interfaces built in: Electrical interfaces for PDH/SDH: T1,E1,E3,DS3,E4, STM-0e/1e; Optical interfaces (option) for SDH/SONET: Single and Dual optics Tx up to 2.5 G, covering: STM-1/OC-3, STM-4/OC-12, and STM-16/OC-48.
  • SDH/PDH Access Tester Autoconfig functionality for automatic traffic detection (line rate, structure, mapping).
  • SDH/PDH Access Tester PDH Mux/Demux testing down to 64 kbps (E1/E3/E4 and DS1/DS3 Mux/Demux chain).
  • ATM test functionality with all supported bit rates and mappings up to Vc4-4c.
  • Offline Viewer SW provides impressive result analysis and report generation on any Microsoft Windows-based printer. Generation of instrument configuration for transfer to the unit itself.
  • SDH/PDH Access Tester Built-in Ethernet port for extended connectivity, enabling remote operation and results transfer.

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