Ixia Optixia Xcellon-Ultra NP Twelve GbE One 10GbE Load Module


Ixia Optixia Xcellon-Ultra NP Twelve GbE One 10GbE Load Module

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Ixia Optixia Xcellon-Ultra NP Twelve GbE One 10GbE Load Module

The Xcellon-Ultra NP 10GE High Performance 10GbE Load Module has twelve GbE One 10GbE Load Module NP load module combines the processing power and resources of up to twelve per-port CPUs into one physical port, providing the highest layer Xcellon-Ultra NP twelve GbE One 10GbE Load Module is 4-7 line-rate performance – unmatched by any other layer 4-7 test solution. Any of the twelve Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) ports can be used individually or aggregated through the single 10GbE port.

Ixia’s Xcellon load modules are the highest performing and most scalable application traffic generation solution available in the industry. The Xcellon-Ultra NP offers complete layer 2-7 packet generation, routing, and application testing functionality in a single load module.
Each test port supports wire-speed layer 2-3 traffic generation and analysis, high-performance routing/bridging protocol emulation, and true layer 4-7 application subscriber emulation and traffic generation.
The twelve GbE ports can be used to build an ultra-high density test environment for auto-negotiable 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet over copper and fiber. With twelve slots per XGS12 chassis, up to 144 GbE and twelve 10GbE test ports are available in a single test system.

Xcellon-Ultra NP 10GE High Performance 10GbE Load Module can meet the challenge of next-generation advanced networking and security platforms.  Each GbE port contains a powerful RISC processor running Linux, and a complete testing-optimized TCP/IP stack. The Xcellon-Ultra NP ports incorporate a technology unique to the test and measurement industry – network processors. Each Xcellon-Ultra NP GbE port uses multiple network processors that are
optimized for layer 4-7 testing.
Xcellon-Ultra NP’s CPU count and NP architecture create a powerful application traffic generation platform that emulates millions of real-world application flows, including voice, video and massive amounts of data.

  • Real-time 64-bit frame counts and rates
  • Spreadsheet presentation format for convenient manipulation of statistics counters
  • Eight QoS counters (supporting 802.1p, DSCP, and IPv4 TOS measurements)
  • Six user-defined statistics that have a trigger condition
  • Extended statistics for ARP, ICMP, and DHCP
  • Transmit stream statistics for frame counts and rate
  • External logging to file for statistics and alerts
  • Audible and visual alerts with user-definable thresholds

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