Ixia Optixia MSM10G1-02 10GE XFP Multi-Services LAN / WAN 


Ixia Optixia MSM10G1-02 10GE XFP Multi-Services LAN / WAN w/ 944-0007-01 Adapter

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Ixia Optixia MSM10G1-02 10GE XFP Universal Multi Services Module LAN / WAN

  • Ixia Optixia Xm Adapter Blade Board Module 944-0007-01 included
  • MSM10G1-02, 1-port, 10 Gigabit Universal Multi Services Module LAN / WAN supporting 10GE LAN, 10GE WAN, and OC-192c POS with XFP-pluggable interface.
  • MSM10G1-02 10GE XFP Universal Multi-Services Module LAN / WAN, Full featured with 1 GHz Power PC and 512 MB RAM.
  • Includes 10GE LAN/WAN operation.
  • Does not include XFP transceiver.

Ixia’s OC-48c and OC-192c Multi-Services Modules (MSMs) provides a network test solution with unparalleled flexibility and performance for OC48c/STM-16c and OC-192c/ STM-64c Packet Over SONET/SDH (POS) operation.

Used in conjunction with Ixia’s test applications, a broad range of performance, scalability, and conformance testing can be executed on highspeed routers, switches, and other network devices. In addition, the MSM will support “next generation” SONET features in the future, enabling the efficient delivery of packet-based Ethernet data over SONET/SDH infrastructure.

Key Features

  • Supports traffic generation of millions of unique flows, eliminating the need to aggregate multiple OC-48c and OC-192c test interfaces to perform high scalability tests
  • Highly flexible architecture allowing OC-192c POS, 10 GE LAN, or 10 GE WAN operation from a single test interface on the 10G MSM model (refer to the 10 Gigabit Universal Multi-Services Module datasheet)
  • Tracks and analyzes up to 2million flows for real-time latency, inter-arrival time, packet loss, data integrity, and sequence checking
  • Comprehensive and integrated data plane and control plane traffic generation and analysis for IPv4/v6 routing protocols, L2/L3 MPLS VPNs, multicast, and L4-7 testing
  • Sophisticated multi-protocol encapsulation and label stacking, including IPv4/v6, GRE, MPLS, and IP over IP
  • RPR/SRP and Data Communications Channel (DCC) functionality
  • Real-time 64-bit counts and frame rates
  • Spreadsheet format for convenient manipulation of statistics counters
  • Eight Quality of Service (QoS) counters supporting IPv4 TOS
  • Up to six user-defined statistics that use a trigger condition
  • TX stream statistics for transmit frame count and rate
  • External file logging for statistics and alerts
  • Audible and visual alerts with user-definable thresholds

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