National Instruments NI PXI-4465 Dynamic Signal Analyzer


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National Instruments NI PXI-4465 Dynamic Signal Analyzer

NI PXI-4465 Dynamic Signal Analyzer is high-accuracy data acquisition module specifically designed for sound and vibration applications.

The NI PXI-4465 DSA by  is an extremely precise module created for sound and vibration applications. These applications include: laboratory research, audio test and measurement, automotive test, noise and vibration diagnostics, noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) assessment, and more. This Dynamic Signal Analyzer has two analog input channels which can sample at the same time; the maximum sample rate is 204.8 kS/s. There are also 24-bit, Delta-sigma ADCs that have a dynamic range of 118 dB. This model has six gain settings meant for input ranges from ±316 mV to ±42.4 V.

The PXI-4465 DSA additionally comes equipped with a multitude of beneficial features, such as software-configurable AC/DC coupling, IEPE conditioning, as well as variable antialiasing filters. These features guarantee that the module will complete accurate measurements with devices, such as accelerometers, microphones, and other models with wide dynamic ranges.

The NI PXI-4465 Dynamic Signal Analyzer has BNC female analog I/O connectors and an SMB male digital trigger connector. This model is also compatible with the MXI platform. The PXI-4465 DSA has a module width of 1, an excitation current of 10 mA, and a total harmonic distortion value (THD) of 108 dB.

The PXI 4465 has 2,047 samples for the FUFO buffer size. In addition, this model has Direct memory access (DMA) data transfers. This model is not meant for links to signals or for measurements in Categories II, III, or IV. It should only be used for Category I measurements.

  • Six gain settings for input ranges from ±316 mV to ±42.4 V
  • Two simultaneously sampled analog inputs at up to 204.8 kS/s
  • Software-configurable AC/DC coupling and IEPE conditioning
  • Variable antialiasing filters
  • 24-bit resolution ADCs with 118 dB dynamic range

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