NI PXI-2554 PXI RF 6.6 GHz 50 Ohm Multiplexer Switch Module


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NI PXI-2554 PXI RF 6.6 GHz 50 Ohm Multiplexer Switch Module

The NI PXI-2554 PXI RF 6.6 GHz 50 Ohm Multiplexer Switch Module is a terminated, 8×1 multiplexer switch module designed for routing RF signals up to 6.6 GHz in production test applications.

It features high-performance solid-state relays that offer unique benefits such as unlimited relay life and fast switching time. Front-mounted SMA connectors provide easy connection to your RF devices, and the module features termination on every COM line and channel. The 50 termination on the channel and COM lines minimizes reflections of the RF signal and protects your instruments.

The National Instruments PXI-2554  is a 4×1 high-frequency, unterminated Multiplexing Switch Module equipped for changing signals ranging from DC to 2.5 GHz. The characteristic impedance of the channels on this module is 75 Ohm. The NI PXI-2554 module has a most extreme voltage rating of 30 Vrms with a maximum switching current of 500 mA. This PXI RF Multiplexer Switch Module is appropriate for applications that require the routing of high-recurrence video signals inside automated test equipment (ATE) frameworks, since it can switch signals with a low insertion loss. Also, the excellent voltage standing-wave ratio (VSWR) and isolation parameters make this module the ideal choice in any framework geared for high-recurrence applications. The PXI-2554 Multiplexer Switch Module additionally offers a relay count tracking feature to help lessen unexpected framework downtime.

The National Instruments PXI-2554 PXI RF Multiplexer Switch Module offers 75 characteristic impedance, 2.5 GHz switch bandwidth, electromechanical relays, 1 bank, 4 channels, 150 ns minimum pulse width, maximum insertion loss at 2.5 GHz <1.7 dB (common <1.2 dB), and VSWR at 2.5 GHz <1.75 (regular <1.5).

Like the other National Instruments PXI switch modules, the NI PXI-2554 comes with NI-SWITCH, an IVI-compliant driver offering complete usefulness for all switch modules. For extra help with arranging, programming, and overseeing higher-channel-count switching systems, NI Switch Executive programming offers a simple to utilize, smart switch management and visual routing environment.

  • 6.6 GHz: -6.0 dB insertion loss; VSWR of 1.6; 72 dB CH-COM isolation (typical)
  • Unlimited switch lifetime
  • Fast switching speed (122 s)
  • 50 termination on channel and COM lines
  • Ability to store RF path calibration information in NI Switch Executive
  • Configure Complete PXI System

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