NI PXI-8432 2-Port Isolated Serial Control Module


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NI National Instruments PXI-8432 2-Port Isolated  Serial Control Module

NI National Instruments PXI-8432 2-Port Isolated RS232 PXI Serial Control Module, The 2-Port, Isolated, RS232 Serial Interface Module PXI-8432/2  is a superior interface for rapid port-to-port isolated communication with RS-232 gadgets. It has elite, multi-threaded DMA transfers and multiprocessor support. NI Serial Interfaces additionally appear as standard COM ports for compatibility with programs that use serial communications.

The NI National Instruments PXI-8432/2 high-execution serial interfaces deliver many highlights, such as adaptable baud rates up to 2 Mb/s, and hyper threading and multiprocessor similarity. With the adaptable baud rate abilities of the NI PXI-8432/2 Serial Interface Module, the user can communicate with gadgets that work with nonstandard baud rates running from 57 b/w up to 2 Mb/s inside 1 percent and standard baud rates inside 0.01 percent. With multiprocessor and hyper threading similarity, the user can additionally take advantage of the most recent PC innovation for higher speeds and enhanced productivity. The new programming driver included with the gadget offers better asset designation and DMA access for higher throughput with CPU use. Moreover, the National Instruments PXI-8432/2 interface incorporates new memory-mapping highlights that can be used to associate with more serial gadgets without resource conflicts. The NI National Instruments PXI-8432/2 interface is a universal board, completely compatible with both 5 and 3.3 V signaling conditions so the board can work in an extensive variety of PCs.

  • Port-to-port and port-to-PC isolation: 60 VDC continuous (CAT I), 2000 V withstand (Vrms/5 s)
  • 15,000 V ESD protection (human body model)
  • High-speed DMA interface that minimizes CPU overhead
  • Compatible with Windows and LabVIEW Real-Time OSs
  • Flexible standard and nonstandard baud rates from 57 baud to 1,000,000 baud
  • Memory mapped to prevent I/O resource conflicts; 128 B transmit and receive FIFOs

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