Spirent Landslide E10 Mobile Core Wi-Fi Diameter IMS Test System

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The Spirent Landslide E10 is a small form factor test platform that supports applications for benchtop, lab and distributed testing of Mobile and Wi-Fi networks. It can be used either as a test server connected to a Landslide C100 or C50 manager or as a standalone system. The E10 supports testing Mobile Core, Wi-Fi, Diameter and IMS networks including Over-the-Air LTE testing with Spirent’s Landslide application for development, product verification and predeployment scenarios.

  • User and Application Emulation—Emulate users roaming and handing over through out the mobile and Wi-Fi networks
  • Test Network Functions—Validate physical and virtual network functions for Mobile Core, Wi-Fi, Diameter and IMS nodes
  • Network Emulation—Emulate adjacent network interfaces and nodes to create complete network topologies on a desktop
  • Distributed Wi-Fi Testing—Combine up to 100 E10 systems distributed throughout a Wi-Fi network to validate network and service performance for enterprise and carrier Wi-Fi
  • Over the Air Testing—Test Wi-Fi and Mobile RF network access devices using U1 LTE Module or a real handset

U1 LTE Module

  • The new U1 module Landslide now supports LTE Over-theAir tests. The module emulates a single LTE UE and supports a wide range of LTE bands. Up to four U1s can be controlled by the Landslide E10 and conveniently snap into the new top plate


  • The Landslide E10 platform is available as a standalone system that is designed for test applications where portability, small form factor and quietness are critical or as a Landslide Test Server that is connected to a C50 or C100 Test Manager for applications where multiple E10s will be deployed within the same test network. In the Test Server configuration the E10 adopts the licensing from the Test Manager controlling it

Client PC Requirements

  • The Landslide Client hardware requirements depend on the system license and the testing activity. The recommended values are:
    • 64-bit Operating System with 4 GB RAM and 1GB memory assigned to client
    • Minimum 10 GB available disk space
    • 100 MB/1G Ethernet connection to the LAN The Landslide software requirements are:
    • Test system web pages are best viewed with Internet Explorer 10+ or Firefox 30+
    • JavaScript and Java Web Start must be enabled in the browser
    • Popup blockers should be disabled before starting
    • Cookies should be allowed if you want your memory settings to save
    • Java Runtime Environment 1.8.0 (or later)



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